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"Patriots and Freedom Fighters: Rosa Parks and Marie Kolasinski"
LA Times Article by Kelly-Anne Suarez
Associated Press Article by Gillian Flaccus
Don Hull Response to Trial News Stories
Don Hull Article for OC Register
OC Register Article by Brian Martinez

LA Times Article by Claire Luna
Daily Pilot Article by Lauren Vane
November 4th, OC Register Article by Brian Martinez


Piecemakers Operating Proposal for OC Health Department

[star] The City of Costa Mesa's Lawsuit against Piecemakers - 1998

Letter to The Orange County Register from W.D. Ferguson
Letter to the Judge
Article in The OC Register and our Response

[star] Letters and Articles Concerning Various Levels of Government


City of Costa Mesa Tree Murdered on Private Property
City Hall Letter City Hall Regarding Business Licenses
Fire Dept: Letter to Fire Department after an inspection
Fire Dept: Article Regarding Battle with Fire Department
Fire Dept: Letter to Fire Marshal
Fire Dept: Letter to Fire Department
City Council: A Prison of Laws Built Around Us
City Council: Letter to Editor re: Fairview Park
City Council: Letter About the City of Costa Mesa
City Council: No Room in the Inn
City Council: Letter to Mesa Verde Homeowners Association
City Council: Letter to Mayor of Costa Mesa
Code Enforcer: Abolishment of our Unconstitutional Government
Police Dept: Letter to Taxpayers - re: sting operation on Placentia Ave.
Residents/City Officials: Letters Regarding a Too Sterile City
Residents: Letter About the City of Costa Mesa


Letter to Orange County Register - concerning deputies lawsuit against early prisoner release
Letter to Orange County Sheriff
OC Officials Drunk with Power on the Blood of Their Subjects
Food Contamination in OC and LA Restaurants
Response to Chris Norby's "State of OC"
The Saga of the All Head
Property Taxes: Letter to Assessor's Office


Stop Feeding the Beast
What I Would Do If I Were Governor of California

The following letters are an overview of our battle with the California State Division of Occupational Safety and Health, concerning their unlawful tampering with Piecemakers' store elevator, which concluded with our delivering our elevator to their premises.

State Elevator Inspector: Letter to State of California concerning Piecemakers' Elevator
State Elevator Inspector: 2nd Letter to Governor Schwarznegger
State Elevator Inspector: 1st Letter to Stephen Singleton, ERT Engineer
State Elevator Inspector: Violation of Our Constitutional Rights (2nd Letter to State)
State Elevator Inspector: 3rd Letter to Governor Schwarznegger
State Elevator Inspector: Letter from Stephen Singleton
State Elevator Inspector: 2nd Letter to Stephen Singleton, ERT Engineer
State Elevator Inspector: Final Letter to State "Division of Occupational Safety and Health"


U.S. Customs: Letter to Homeland Security Department
"Fees": Letter Orange County Register - Concerning Fees
General: Comparing America's Civil War to the Iraqi War


US News Report and Response
"They Shoot Cats, Don't They"
Letter to Alan Bock - OC Register
Letter to Editor in response to "Last Word" article

[Star] The Chism Trail
When a cartoon says it all...

General Sherman speech

[star]Monthly Letters To Our Email List

A Word of Warning to America
Revolution/Tax Revolt
America, a Modern Day Rome
Change is Blowing in the Wind
Our Journey Out of Hell
The Royal Wedding
Heading for a Collision
A Visitation from Our Creator
A Prison of Laws Built Around Us
Tremors of an Earthquake
It Ain't the Bible, It's the Messenger That's Screwed
Mike Carona

Looking for Fulfillment in All the Wrong Places
The California Project
Taste of Piecemakers 2010
We're Biting Off the Hand that Feeds Us
Response to L.A. County D.A. article

The Rain
Entering into the Righteousness of God
Street Sweepers
What is Wrong with This Picture?
Taxpayer March on Washington, D.C.
"Ways to Change Public Policy"
Health Care - Bail Out
Pistol Packing Churches
Government IOUs
America Awakening
Charity/Humility, not the Bomb, Will Change the World
The Birth of a Nation
Letter to Arnold Schwarzenegger
A New Constitution??
Letter from Marie to The New York Times
Memorial Day
A Country Gone Mad
Doing the Right Thing Does Not Require Thanks
Taxes Poem
Change Is Blowing in the Wind
The Whole Rotten Barrel or What Lies Ahead?

Joshua 24
"Yahoo, It is Finally Happening"
The Aryan Race
America Has Fallen from Grace
Letter to Orange County D.A. Steiner
Go Rest High
My Dear Prisoners of Hope
What We Do to the Least of Our Brothers

A Two-edged Sword
"Without a Vision My People Perish"
Another Letter to Prison
God's Message from Within Prison Walls
One More Letter
What We Do to the Least of These Brethren...
Two More Letters
"Who Are We to Judge?"
Two More Prison Epistles
Three Prison Epistles
Another Prison Epistle
A Prison Epistle
Anger Management Class
There are No Failures in Life
A Letter from Don Hull
Illegal Immigrants
Bringing Forth the Fruit of the Seed Planted by Our Forefathers
Letter to God's Angels in Jail
Letter to Warden of Orange County Jail
The State of the Nation
Pride/Arrogance Come Before a Fall
Letter Concerning Mark Daily's Death
Letter to the Editor from Marie's Sister
Thank You
Letter to Judge Kelly MacEachern

What's Good for the Goose...
The Cross
Response to Article in OC Register
Bush's Call to a Generation.
House of Cards
We, As Citizens, Have a Choice.
A Letter to President Mahumoud Ahmadinejad the President of Iran
Unless We Repent, We Shall Likewise Go.
We Are Biting the Hand That Feeds Us
Immigration Solution
Global Warming Hullabaloo
"What We Have Done to the Least of Our Brethren  We Have Done Unto Christ."
"These are the Times that Try Men's Souls"

Piecemakers' Beginnings
Holy Days vs. Holidays
Me and My Kitty Cat

Charity/Humility, not the Bomb, Will Change the World
Our Judicial System has Lost Its Ability to Judge Guilt and Innocence
$10 Million of Taxpayers' Money for Reagan Funeral
Will America Repent and Become a Unified Community?
Truth is an Alarm Clock
Exposing the Truth Behind the Reagan Funeral
Homeland "Insecurity"
We are All Pioneers - Like It or Not!

Sadaam "Found"
What to Do in Case a Famine Strikes America!
Judgment Day - A Call to Repentance
The Die is Cast for America
Expect a Holocaust in America
A Story of Crazy Patch History
Truth's Alarm is Ringing

What is Your Vision for America?
God is Softening Our Stony Hearts
It is Time to Awake!
Doing the Right Thing Does not Require Thanks
The Lowering of "Old Glory"
Will Our Nation Endure?
Children, Do You Want Your Freedom?
America Has Not Fulfilled Her Calling
The Story of "My Pa" and Store News
The "Baseball" Story and Store News
"The Carpenter"


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