An Overview of Piecemakers Products
Piecemakers offers a wide variety of original design books in quilting and silk ribbon embroidery, as well as the Times and Seasons Quilt Calendars with Pattern Book, collector quality quilt note cards with quilt pattern included, patterns for quilts, embroidery, dolls, and home and sewing essentials.

We manufacture top quality fine hand sewing needles for all your sewing needs and hand crafted original design quilts and wall hangings as well as jewelry, sewing and home gifts and essentials; plus hand made lotions, soaps and scrubs and a complete line of supplies to make them yourself- all available in our online store!

Piecemakers Products are just the beginning of our online store - add to that, fabrics, classes, silk ribbon, laces, trims, buttons - the list is endless!

Go to Piecemakers Online Store to order!


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