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Twice each year Piecemakers is bustling with more activity than usual at our 40% storewide sales. The New Year's Sale is held January 1st and our Independence Day Sale is held July 4th. Piecemakers prepare early for the crowds that will be arriving, and we have coffee, scones and muffins on our tea room menu for the earlybirds that didn't eat breakfast before leaving home! Store hours are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

It is a fun-filled day of treasure hunting for our customers and an opportunity for all of us at Piecemakers to say "Thank you" to the faithful friends who help keep us in business year after year.

Below are a few scenes from one of our Independence Day sales - click on any picture to enlarge.

Piecemakers is ready for the July 4th sale.
customers arriving on July 4th
Linda greets customers.
The store is prepared for the arrival of the customers for our annual Independence Day Sale... here they come!
Linda greets the first arrivals.
Calendar 30th anniversary sale
Joanna and Viola
Piecemakers 2016 Row by Row display
30th anniversary sale for Piecemakers calendars.
Jo and Vi (103 years old!) hand out shopping bags.
Customers browsing at the 2016 Row by Row display.
Fabric shopping at Piecemakers
checking out at the cash register
patriotic headband
Fabric shopping is a main event at our sales.
Satisfied customers check out at the cash register.
Check out Claudia's patriotic headband!
enjoyable sales event
BBQ setup
Piecemakers apple pie a la mode.
Lots of fun and fellowship with our customers/friends.
Tables are all set up outside for the BBQ lunch.
And last but not least, all-American apple pie!

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