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Childs-pace Foundation "Crafts Day" at Piecemakers

August 9, 2014 was a special day at Piecemakers when Childs-pace director, John LeVere, brought sixty bright-eyed, bushy tailed children to Piecemakers for a day of crafts activities. Everyone had chosen his/her craft prior to coming and everything was prepared for rock painting, beading, weaving, leather stamping, sewing fabric yoyo headbands and soap carving.

After completing the projects, lunch was served. To end the day, we had a robust sing-along, then the kids collected their treasures and headed back to "school" with their teachers.  What an enjoyable day and a privilege for all of us at Piecemakers to provide an arts and crafts experience for a great group of kids.

Everything is ready for Childspace craft day at Piecemakers.
All the tools and materials are laid out on each craft table.
Lunch tables are set and colorful.
The project tables are prepared for the arrival of the children.
Colorful lunch tables are set.
Jean welcomes the group of kids and teachers.
Piecemakers teachers are ready to begin!
Everything is humming as the kids begin their projects.
Jean greets the kids and staff from Childs-pace.
Piecemakers teachers stand ready to begin!
Each table is humming with activity.
Sewn fabric yoyo headbands.
Leather stamping.
Candle decorating.
Fabric yoyos are created to sew onto a headband.
Leather bracelets are stamped and painted.
Candles are decorated with glitz and color.
Beaded bracelets.
Soap carving (as a prerequisite to whittling).
Hand woven cell phone pouches.
Beading techniques are taught to create a bracelet.
Soap carving is a great beginning for future whittling.
Small purses/cell phone pouches are hand woven.
Rock painting.
Lunch is served by Childspace teachers.
Time to eat - hot dogs, baked beans, corn on the cob and watermelon.
Rock painting brings out artistic creativity.
Lunch is served!
Everyone waits to eat until all have been served.
Everyone participates in a sing-along.
Tired and happy at the end of the day.
Childspace director, John LeVere, organizes everyone to get on the bus.
A sing-along is held after lunch.
Tired and happy, preparing to go home.
John organizes everyone to board the buses.

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