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    Adventures in Classes at Piecemakers

    One of the things that keeps Piecemakers bustling with activities is our classes. Check out our class schedule and you are sure to find classes in a skill you have been wanting to learn or one that just tickles your fancy.

    Below are pictures from various classes, and as you will see there are classes for children as well as adults, and our "Kids' Classes" are great for home schoolers.
    (Click on any picture to enlarge.)

    "Let's Face It" and "Dollmaker's Choice" with elinor peace bailey - October 15-17, 2015

    elinor peace bailey makes her home in Vancouver, Washington, and has traveled the world teaching doll making — bringing joy to her students with unique characters, including their stories, songs and poems. elinor’s workshops during October covered doll faces design and doll making using the EPB pattern of choice!
    announcement of elinor peace bailey's arrival at Piecemakers
    Tools needed for designing doll faces with elinor peace bailey
    elinor demonstrates designing a doll face
    Announcement of elinor's arrival!
    Tools needed for designing doll faces.
    elinor demonstrates design techniques.
    doll face design by elinor peace bailey
    doll face designs by a student of elinor peace bailey
    Doll face design comes to life in fabric.
    elinor completes the demonstration of a face design, a student tries her hand at several faces, and another brings her's to life in fabric.
    elinor peace bailey mermaid design Yak Sack purse pattern from elinor peace bailey elinor peace bailey's chicken design.
    Three projects are in progress in elinor's "Dollmaker's Choice" class.
    elinor peace bailey doll designs 1
    elinor peace bailey doll designs 2
    elinor peace bailey doll designs 3
    Samples "in the flesh" of elinor's many original doll designs. You just have to click on the pictures so you can see the large versions!
    elinor show a student fabric combination possibilities.
    "Let's Face It" class with elinor peace bailey at Piecemakers. "Dollmaker's Coice" class
    elinor helps a student with fabric choices.
    "Let's Face It" class. "Dollmaker's Choice" class.

    Dolls in the Attic with Barbara Willis - April 5-6, 2014

    Barbara Willis - a dear friend and doll designer unparalleled in the creation of her petite dolls with detailed, delicate features - created a fabulous fabric “Dolls in the Attic” journal, doll, armoire and attic chair for her students this year. Needless to say, her students had the time of their lives during the two days of class!

    Everyone is hard at work.
    A sampling of Barbara's dolls and the doll journal class project.

    Barbara demonstrates doll making techniques to the students.
    A new journal in the making.

    Even injuries don't deter these dedicated doll makers.
    A class portrait!

    Tasha and Corgi with Leslie Molen - October 26-27, 2013

    Leslie Molen, doll designer extraordinaire, hails from Denver, Colorado, and teaches at Piecemakers once a year. She has a dedicated following of doll makers and always welcomes new sudents to her classes. This year's project was a doll created in memory of Tasha Tudor, a 19th century children's illustrator, and a corgi dog loved by Tasha.

    A sampling of the many doll designs by Leslie.

    Creative Crayon Quilts with Terrie Kygar - August 20, 2013

    Marj and Brianna create beautifully colored shapes using Terrie Kygar's "melt-n-blend" techniques for tinting and shading fabric!

    Terrie helps cut shapes - some of her quilts are hanging on the wall.
    Students are busy coloring, pressing, transferring and cutting.

    Teddy Bears (and other critters!) and Wedding Cakes with Evelyn Penfield - July 13, 2013

    Evelyn instructs her students on several of her original designs.

    Projects in progress.

    "Prilly" (an exquisite doll) with Barbara Willis - April 20 & 21, 2013

    Everyone is busy creating as Barbara answers questions and enjoys the company of her students.

    The whole class!
    Samples of Barbara's original design dolls.

    Silk Ribbon 101 with Karen Fraser - April 15, 2013

    Karen demonstrates a new silk ribbon embroidery stitch to her students.
    The class project.

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