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NEXT DATE: March 20, 2021

Held twice a year, the Peddler's Market is primarily a huge garage sale. We fill the Piecemakers Country Store parking lot with 70 booths of great used treasures "waiting" for new owners, as well as antiques and collectibles.  Everyone comes to buy, sell or visit. Admission and parking are free.

Vendors' Note: This show is for garage sale items such as used clothing, jewelry, furniture, sewing supplies and machines, books, kids' toys - your "junk" that can become someone else's treasure, plus "close-out" handmade crafts. Fees are $60.00 for each booth with tables available for rent. If you're interested in being a vendor call or email Piecemakers for space availability and payment information:

Dates for 2021: (Click here to download registration form.)

March 20th, Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
August 21st, Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Piecemakers Country Store
1720 Adams Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92626.
Attention: Joanna and Deborah
(714) 641-3112
Fax: (714) 641-2883
Email: fairs@piecemakers.com
Peddler's Market - June 2017
(Click on any picture to enlarge.)
food truck
handmade wire home dec items
shoppers at Piecemakers Peddler's Market
Delicious Mediterranean food from "Middle Eats".
Handcrafted wire creations for home and garden.
Lots of shoppers with lots of shopping to do!
antique and collectible kitchen and serving items
salsa booth sign
rings for your fingers in all sizes
Antique and collectible wares for kitchen and dining.
The sign says it all!
Rings for your fingers in all styles and sizes.
purses in all shapes and sizes
antique chairs
vendor and her dog
Purses in every shape and size.
Antique chairs with hand painted motifs.
A vendor with her "best friend".
porcelain and crystal
dinosaurs for collectors
dreamcatchers large and small
Artistic recycling of fine china and crystal.
Every breed of dinosaur to add to your collection.
Handcrafted dreamcatchers, large and small.
shoppers along the back row of the market
quilts for sale
succulents in inventive "pots"
More shoppers busy with treasure hunting.
Beautiful handmade quilts in all colors.
Anything can become a pot for a plant!
handcrafted ceramics
soy candles in recycled glass containers
colorful beads
Handcrafted ceramic pieces for practical use.
Soy candles in recycled wine bottles.
Colorful beads to wear or use for jewelry making.

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