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Piecemakers Teachers' Open House 2017

    Always in early January, the Teachers' Open House is the best way for all of us to start the year. We gather together, share ideas, inspire one another and show our appreciation for those with the God-given ability to teach. Come say "hi" to all your dear friends and meet some new ones.

    Many of these teachers do free demonstrations throughout the year -- watch for them in the calendar of events.

    Below are pictures of teachers and their handiwork taken at Open House 2017, January 7th.

    Click on any picture to enlarge.
Piecemakers teachers
food for teachers' luncheon
teachers and customers in store entrance teachers talk to customers at Piecemakers
Each year at Open House the teachers get together to share their lives and enjoy a delicious lunch. Then... the doors "open" and the fun begins!
Karen Fraser
Karen Fraser's embroidery work
Patti Culea
Patti Culea's original designs
Karen Fraser - silk ribbon embroidery, thread painting and beading.
Patti Culea - original design dolls, author and doll maker.
Diane Calderwood
Diane Calderwood's gourd art
Evelyn Penfield
Evelyn Penfield's original bear designs
Diane Calderwood - original design gourd art pieces.
Evelyn Penfield - original design bears and critters.
Jean Smith
Jean Smith's porcelain and lace draped dolls, porcelain home decor pieces
Larene Smith
Larene Smith's original design quilts
Jean Smith (right) - porcelain dolls and painted home decor, porcelain lace draping.
Larene Smith - quilt making and design. "The Quilted Button" pattern line.
Kathy Davis
Kathy Davis' polymer clay and art clay copper creations
Linda Sweeny
Linda Sweeny teaches crochet classes at Piecemakers.
Kathy Davis - polymer clay and copper clay artist.
Linda Sweeny - beginning to advanced crocheting.
Sample garments from classes taught by Rossanna.
Dorice Larkin
painted cloth animals designed by Dorice Larkin
Rossanna (left) - beginning to advanced machine sewing/pattern design for adults and children.
Dorice Larkin - designer of needle sculpted, painted cloth animals
Sheila Cautillo
pillows, critters and puppets
Kelly Craft-Abram
mixed media art
Sheila Cautillo - delightful machine sewn and hand embellished pillows, critters, dolls & puppets.
Kelly Craft-Abram - altered couture, artsy refurbished furniture and paper arts.
Teja Cooling
vintage bobble trees by Teja Cooling
Desiree McCune
knitted accessories by Desiree McCune
Teja Cooling - original vintage bobble trees and jeweled memory trees. Desiree McCune - beginning to advanced knitting. Join her bi-monthly "Sit 'n Knit Meet-up"!
Mary Nesfield
handcrafted pendants and chains by Mary Nesfield
Sheilah Cleary
original beadwork designs by Sheilah Cleary
Mary Nesfield - wire wrapping and metalsmithing. Sheilah Cleary - knitting, crochet and original design beadwork.
Rita Verroca
Baltimore Album style needle-turn applique blocks by Rita Verroca
Piecemakers Crazy Patch Embroidery
silk ribbon embroidery and beading on quilts
Rita Verroca - author/designer/teacher of Baltimore Album and Revolutionary War style quilts.
Di Sieker and Heather Ryan(not pictured) - crazy patching and embellishing.
Jeannette Lee
acrylic art pieces and copper etched jewelry
Danna Phalen
alcohol ink designs by Danna Phalen
Jeanette Lee - acrylic painting on canvas and copper etching. Danna Phalen - original alcohol ink art design.

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