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Viola Smith Celebrates Her 102nd Birthday

Marie's cousin, drummer Viola Smith, who is a very dear part of Piecemakers' family, celebrated her 102nd birthday November 29, 2014. She is vibrant and active - in fact, we have a hard time keeping up with her! She teaches drumming to the drummer for Piecemakers Band and is at the store three days a week working and visiting with customers.

Below are photos from her birthday gathering with family and friends.
Click on any picture to enlarge.

102 cupcakes for Viola Smith
kitchen with cupcakes
back patio enclosed for guests
Everything is prepared for Viola's party, including 102 cupcakes arranged in the kitchen and the back patio enclosed with quilts to keep it warm for the guests.
front porch
vintage clothes and photos of vintage scenes
photos of entertainment in the early 1900s
The front porch is decorated with a sign welcoming Viola, and the house is bedecked with vintage clothing and photos from the early 1900s.
prime rib
mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables
roasted broccoli, cauliflower, carrots
Dinner is ready to be served:  prime rib with horseradish sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, pumpkin, roasted mixed vegetables, cranberry relish...
cranberry relish
getting ready for Viola's entrance
Viola poses for pictures

Everyone gathers for Viola's arrival.
Vi poses for pictures!
guests looking in to see Viola and sing "Happy Birthday"
Vi seated with Marie's daughter Krista
Viola and the 102 cupcakes
All join in a rousing Beatles' "Birthday Song".
Viola is seated with Kris, Marie's daughter.
Viola and 102 cupcakes.
four drummers - Candace Hansen, Allen Adams, Viola Smith, Shivaun Chism
the dinner bell has rung
Viola Smith and her nephew, Dennis
Four drummers gather for a group photo.
The dinner bell has rung.
Viola with her nephew, Dennis.
Viola opening birthday gifts
Viola reading a birthday card
Viola gets a big card from all the Piecemakers
Viola opens gifts, enjoys reading sweet birthday cards and shows off a BIG card from all the Piecemakers.
Viola is greeted by a friend.
Piecemakers Band plays old standards for Viola Smith's birthday.
Guys in Piecemakers Band
An embrace from a good friend, Nicole.
The evening concludes with a set of old standards performed for Viola by Piecemakers Band.

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