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    From time to time we pull out of Piecemakers' treasure chest a patchwork, applique or embroidery pattern to share with all of you, our online friends! Check this page periodically for new additions.

    These patterns are intended for personal, non-commercial use only.


    Block Test
    Your printer should make an exact 4-inch square. Adjust enlarge percentage on page setup (usually found under "FILE" in the top menu bar) until this square is exactly 4 inches. Problems? Here is some help.

    Your printer should be fine at normal (100% enlargement), but print the test block to check your accuracy. If too large, adjust your page setup percent enlargement down (99%, 98%, etc.) If too small, enlarge your page setup percent enlargement up (101%, 102%, etc.). The test block is exactly 4 inches square. After your printer is set up, simply click on a page and then print it out.

    The Newest Addition

    "Southern California Dreamin'"

    "Southern California Dreamin' ": Pattern of the Month from January 1988.

    14" finished square.
    A pieced block with appliqued and embroidered accents.

    Click here for pattern.
    Piecemakers "Southern California Dreamin'" pattern



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