Words of Life

Current Class Schedule Message — "An Alarm is Sounding in His Holy Mountain"

[star] Words of Life — to guide you on your journey from death to life, from hell to heaven, from Adam to Christ.
Few Are Chosen "For as You Have Done..." America Has Fallen from Grace 
Racing Toward the Beginning  The Coming of the Lord (#2)  In Our Humiliation 
Our Father  Looking for Fulfillment in All the Wrong Places  From Beginning to End
In the Beginning Was God The Early and Latter Rain Twas the Night Before Christmas
A Word in Season A Thanksgiving Message Angels
Is Your Life Making a Difference? The Time of the Harvest The Latent Power of the Soul
Signs of the TIme From Shechem to Bethel Strong Men Made Weak and the Power of God
The Decade of Miracles Has Begun Preparation for the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord Diligence
Where is Zion Located? Marriage Supper of the Lamb Iniquity
Tremors of an Earthquake The Birthing of a New Generation The Famine
A Simple Man Entering Into the Righteousness of God Grace
Pox on the Judicial System The Valley of Jehoshaphat The Prodigal Son
Life as We Knew It The Great Transformation Though He Slay Me, Yet Will I Trust Him
Breath of Life vs. the Holy Spirit Joy Cometh in the Morning (#2) The Judgments of God
Treasures of the Snow Who for the Joy that Was Set Before Him Charity
The Glory of Our Prison Days Evil Day The Birth of a Nation
There are No Failures in Life... Job What We Have Done Unto the Least of the Brethren...
Nobody in the World Can Know God Psalm 23 Christ the Rock
From Here to Eternity (expanded) America, the House of Cards The Harvest (expanded)
Jesus The Journey from the Cluster to the Winepress to the New Wine He Who Has Ears
What Is In a Name??? Love Not the World He Lost the Battles but Won the War
Sprinkled Conscience Crying Out to God Holy Habitation
Without the Shedding of Blood... But I Say Unto Thee Whether One Member Suffer...
A New Creation Hide and Seek Gone Are the Days
Slavery For, Behold, the Kingdom of God is Within You Leave Your Nets
America No More The Harvest - the End of the World - the Second Coming Hope 2
Thus Spake He Signifying by What Death He Should Glorify God Who is on the Lord's Side? The Cross
What's Wrong With This Picture? Six, Six, Six - the Sign of the Beast A Letter to President Mahmoud Admadinejad the President of Iran
Falling in Love The Chosen Fast Prisoners of Hope
Proving Jesus Christ, the Son of God Death of a Nation
Our Days are Numbered The Valley of the Shadow of Death The Facts of Life
The Purposes of God Surrender = Sound Mind, Sanity, Sainthood The Cocoon, The Cross, The Crisis
Persecution Maturity Christ - the Redeemer
That They May be One Even as We are One Our Journey Out of Hell Christian Mythology
Balaam's Ass Was a Prophet From Here to Eternity A More Excellent Way
God's Time Clock America Re-Inventing Itself Marriage, A Shadow of Our Marriage to Christ
Reformation Be Ye Not Conformed to This World Eagles
Behold, I Show You a Mystery
The Garden

Through Wisdom is thy House Builded
Jacob's Trouble Jacob's Journey to Heaven The Goal of the Believer
An Appeal to Heaven To God, The Father of Our Country The Parable of the Coal Miners
Doing or Being The Word Made Flesh One New Man
The Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail Against the Church And The Word Was Made Flesh Awesome Truths That Lead Us into the Kingdom
The Fruit of the Seed Planted in the Sixties Glorifying Christ The World vs. The Resurrection
The Last Enemy And What Will You Do in the Day of My Visitation The Beheading of John the Baptist
False Prophets The Last Hour Awake
US Holocaust Hope God is Speaking to America
America's Chastisement One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All America Awakening From a Deep Sleep
Here I Am Lord, Send Me Perseverance Covenant
The Body of Christ in Action A Word to the Wise A Word of Warning to America
But He Who Endures to the End Will Be Saved Imagine I Am Thinking

Words from the Class Schedules

"Little Children, It is the Last Hour" - January '23

Message for Freedom Rally - October '22
America Has Not Fulfilled Her Calling - July '22
Living What We Profess/Persevering Through the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord - April '22
Despise Not the Chastening of the Lord - January '22
The Coming of the Lord - January '21
The Death of a Nation - April '21
America's Chastisement - July '21
Gathering Fruit Unto Eternal Life - October '21
Signs of the Time - October '20
A Timely Letter from 2000 - July '20
Jesus - April '20
Psalm 23: Walking Through the Valley of Death -
January '20

"The Day of the Lord is great and very terrible. Who can endure it?" - October '19
Though He Slay Me, Yet Will I Trust Him - July '19
Walking Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death -
April '19

My Dear Friends - January '19
I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day - October '18
A Proclamation - July '18
In Our Humiliation - April '18
Charity/Humility, not the Bomb Will Change the World -
January '18
The Rain - October '17
To the Citizens of the Earth - July '17
Without the Cross - April '17
Few Are Chosen - January '17
"Thanksgiving" - October '16
"From Here to Eternity" - July '16
America Awakening from a Deep Sleep - April '16
"For then there will be great tribulation..." - January '16
But I Say Unto Thee - October '15
The Coming of Christ - July '15
Signs of the Time - April '15
What We Have Done to the Least of Our Brethren -
January '15

Crying Out to God - October '14
From Here to Eternity - July '14
The Journey from the Cluster to the Winepress... - April '14
Eagles - January '14
The Body of Christ - October '13
Perseverance - July '13
From Beginning to End - April '13
From Shechem to Bethel - January '13
Gathering Fruit unto Eternal Life - October '12
Mourning - July '12
Death is Swallowed Up in Victory - April '12
Life - January '12
Bankruptcy - October '11
Eagles - July '11
A Simple Man - April '11
Love Not the World - January '11
In Your Patience Possess Your Soul - October '10
Change is Blowing in the Wind - July '10
Though He Slay Me, Yet Will I Trust Him - April '10
Affliction - January '10
The Feast of Tabernacles - October '09
Opportunities - July '09
The Eye of the Needle - April '09
"The Demise of a Nation" - January '09
"God Does Not Forgive Sin" - October '08
"Time for Change" - July '08
"Hope" - April '08
"The More Excellent Way" - January '08
"Joy Cometh in the Morning" - October '07
"Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory" - July '07
"Christ's Second Coming" - March '07
"Let Everyone that Nameth the Name of Christ Depart from Iniquity" - January '07
"Adam the Seed vs. Christ the Fruit-Bearing Tree"- October 06'
"Let There Be Light"- July 06'
"The Ultimate Olympics"- April 06'
"My Kingdom Is Not of This World"- Jan 06'
"It Ain't the Bible, It's the Messenger that's Screwed"- Oct 05'
"Overcoming"- July 05'
"Unifying the "Body of Christ"- Apr 05'
"End of Civilization (life as we know it)"- Jan 05'
"The Leech Has Two Daughters Crying Give, Give"- Oct 04'
"We Are Without Excuse"- Jul 04'
The True Sufferings of Christ - Apr 04'
Time is No More - Jan 04'
Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will be done - Oct 03'
Before I was Afflicted, I Went Astray - Jul 03'
Tell Us When Shall These Things Be? - Apr 03'
The Cross, the Christ, the Christian - Jan 03'

Pride Goeth Before Destruction - Oct 02'
America's Healing - Jul 02'
Did You Know? - Apr 02'
Who is on the Lord's Side? - Jan 02'
Go Ye Therefore and Disciple All Nations - Oct 01'
...For His Body's Sake, Which is the Church - Jul 01'
Will the Real Church Please Stand Up - Apr 01'
He Must Increase But I Must Decrease - Jan 01'
The Church, the Whore, the Mother of Harlots-Oct 00'
Therefore If Any Man Be in Christ-Jul 00'
Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks-Apr 00"
Of His Own Will He Brought Forth by the Word of Truth-Jan 00'
A Message for America - Oct 99'
Covenant - Jul 99'
They Seek a Sign - Apr 99'
A Warning to America - Jan 99'
The Second Coming - An Inside Reformation - Oct 98'
Therefore By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them - Jul 98'
But Concerning the Times and the Seasons - Apr 98'
Come Now, and Let Us Reason Together - Jan 98'
If My People, Which Are Called by My Name - Oct 97'
Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church - Jul 97'
Whoever is Born of God Doth Not Commit Sin - Apr 97'
We All Must Appear Before the Judgement Seat - Jan 97'
If But He That is Joined to the Lord is One Spirit - Oct 96'
The Second Coming of Christ - Jul 96'
Blessed Are Those That Mourn - Apr 96'
For Little Children It Is the Last Hour - Jan 96'
The Furnace of Freedom - Oct 95'
No Excuses - Jul 95'
They Had All Things in Common... - Apr 95'
An Alarm is Sounding in His Holy Mountain - Jan 95'
A Call to Vigilance - Oct 94'
The Gospel - Jul 94'
Except We Repent, We Shall All Likewise Perish - Apr 94'
Great Tribulation - Jan 94'
The Coming of Christ - Oct 93'
The Seed of Faith - Jul 93'
High Time to Awake Out of Sleep - Apr 93'
God is After the Sinner - not the Sin - Jan 93'
Persevering through the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord - Oct 92'
Jesus Christ - the Same, Yesterday, Today and Forever - Jul 92'
My Kingdom is not of This World - Apr 92'
Living What We Profess - Jan 92'
Our Goal - Oct 91'
The Coming of the Lord - Jul 91'
Entering the Kingdom of God - Apr 91'
The Kingdom of God is within You - Jan 91'
Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand - Oct 90'
My Sheep Hear My Voice - Jul 90'
Going on to Perfection - Apr 90'
Enduring to the End - Jan 90'
Leave Your Nets and Follow Me - Oct 89'
The Metamorphosis - Jul 89'
Enter by the Narrow Gate - Apr 89'
The Final Trumpets are Blowing - Jan 89'
Persecuted for Righteousnes' Sake - Oct 88'
Not Everyone Who Saith "Lord, Lord" Will Enter - Jul 88'
The Whole Armor of God - Apr 88'
With Much Tribulation We Enter the Kingdom - Jan 88'
Where There is no Vision, the People Perish - Oct 87'
Caring for the Things That Belong to the Lord - Jul 87'
The Time is Fulfilled and the Kingdom of God is at Hand - Apr 87'
He That Hath an Ear Let Him Hear... - Jan 87'
Here Ye, Oh People of America - Oct 86'
The Natural Man Receiveth Not the Things of the Spirit of God - Jul 86'
Despise Not Thou the Chastening of the Lord - Apr 86'
When That Which is Perfect is Come - Jan 86'
For My Thoughts Are Not Your Thoughts - Oct 85'
Trust in the Lord - Jul 85'
This is the Day the Lord Hath Made - Apr 85'
We Shall Dwell in the House of the Lord Forever - Jan 85'

A Book of Poems

When That Which Is Perfect Has Come
The Blood of Forgiveness
The Carpenter
Mike's Song
The Long, Dusty Road
Who Has Seen the Wind?
The Jesus Train
I Got the Holy Ghost Fever
Epics from Marie's Life's Journey

"My Change of Life"
"The Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher"
"Follow Thou Me"
"Ray's Journey"
"My Pa"
"Me and My Kitty Cat"

A Book of Parables

The Tadpole Story
He Has Overcome the World

The Story of Piecemakers


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