[Government Run Amock]


    Points to Ponder

    1. Requirements for government jobs: Any policeman should be handcuffed and thrown on the ground and maced, then spend a month in jail. Then perhaps he will have that spirit that will serve the people instead of bullying them.

    2. All judges should also be handcuffed for no reason and hauled off to jail and spend an undetermined time there so he has more of a feeling of the one he so easily sentences.

    3. We need no government inspectors. None of them have ever had a business nor done a days work. They have nothing to do but make up stupid codes that make cleanliness more difficult, make it easier to find something to penalize costing the business man not only heart ache but it also takes from him his pursuit of happiness; one of the rights given to us by our Constitution. Our customers are our inspectors. If a business is not serving the community the people will not patronize it and it soon dies.

    4. Each business is birthed out of saved money, hard work, worry, sweat and tears. It is a living entity giving life to the community. All government agencies are suckers living off the life giving entity. Just as a tree will soon die if the blood sucker is not taken care of so will our economy die if the people are going to allow the government to suck away our life blood.

    5. Is it not shocking businesses are leaving by the droves and going to communist countries to serve as it is easier than trying to live in this so-called Christian democracy???

    6. I find it quite ironic we are over in other countries killing innocent children to try and force them into a way of life that does not work here.

    7. If permits made people and food cleaner, how come Jack in the Box's food poisoned someone??? Or was that just one more planned attack of the health department???? And if inspections by the fire department made for safety, how come the Pasadena Fire dept. burned to the ground????

    8. Is it not odd that peaceful demonstrations are always peaceful until the police arrive???

    9. Do you not find it odd that we pay the Mafia government to come in and harass, terrorize, cheat and steel from us, but would put in jail if one you do not pay would do the same thing????

    10. When America was young and dependent on our creator to lead and guide her, people would repent from their evil heart and ways as they made it to our shores thus we needed no immigration laws as each turned to the Rock for their salvation and way of life. Then, indeed we were a melting pot, all caring for and supporting one another with no big government sucker leeching off us.

    11. We must see God move with a spirit of repentance so America becomes the land of the free and the home of a people who vaunteth not ourselves, who are kind and seeketh not our own, rejoices not in iniquity but in the truth, bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things; then other nations will want to emanate what we have for He will still the troubled waters of all nations who allow Him to rule over them.

    12. The only people we are getting negative, nasty flack from are the Christians who say we are to obey our rulers. Jesus downed the religious order of the day say nothing about Rome because of His disobedience.

    13. Daniel destroyed Babylon and saved Nebechezzar because of his disobedience to evil.

    14. Evil Egypt was destroyed by Moses by his disobedience.

    15. Like all worlds who have come to an end, Christianity as we know it is ended and it is very evident by the e-mails we are getting, the vipers and snakes John the Baptist talked about are religious whited sepulchres full of dead man's bones and it is time they choose life or be destroyed.

    Is this the best country in which to live?? In spite of our arrogance and pride, the answer is "yes, indeed". But it is not because of our government or democracy, it is because some brave souls shed their blood, both spiritually and physically to establish this nation and God is still honoring them. If we insist on doing our own thing thinking we are clever with our power and might, we just may see America get to be the hell hole of the world. Mark my word. I do not profess to be a prophetess but somehow what I do say does come to pass. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done-and all the little children say, amen.

    Acts 5:29 "We will obey God rather than man." Acts 5:32 "The Holy Spirit is given to those who obey Him."


    Marie Kolasinski