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Chronology of Orange County Health Department Harassment

1987 - 1990 -We began serving soups, cookies, and opened an old fashioned candy counter.

Jan. - April 1991 - Complaint from OCHD took us to court for some bricks being too dark, not enough sinks for the scoops and square footage for the candy counter, etc.

In litigation until Sept. 1992 when the case was dismissed and we had to close tea room and candy counter. The litigation cost us $50,000.00 in fruitless counseling, time and much sorrow.

Nov. 3, 1992 - After several trips to the OCHD, lots of phone calls and time; we were able to  pay OCHD to issue us “permission” to sell packaged foods.

Nov. 17, 1992 - Inspection by Dianne Martinez said we are okay IF we fix shelves where we store back stock, IF we add permanent mounted soap dispensers in the restrooms, and IF we move the janitorial supplies to right side of the closet and the canned soda and packaged utensils to the left side.

Nov.  18, 1992 - Inspected by Wayne Shurts and Agnes Do we are okay IF we make just a few more changes and spend a bit more money and IF we tell a small family business, “Grandma’s Sugar Plum”,  that we could no longer sell their product because they were not “approved” by the OCHD.  We did all that with a broken heart in order to pay for “permission” from OCHD to conduct business.  

March 31, 1993 - Inspected by Wayne Shurts and Nick Klapp. They didn’t think the labeling was good enough, the candy counter was to cease immediately, the wrapped cookies and fudge did not have “proper” labels, they were freaked about the possibility of “droplet contamination” ( it would be laughable if their fears didn’t have power). Now the floor behind the candy counter had to be tiled.  We must not serve a buffet lunch without a sneeze guard. Discontinue everything. Oh and if we are thinking of using the vending carts that are in storage they must get decals for this year by a special service that OCHD approves of (and gets a kick back from?).

May 27, 1993 - We paid $1550.00 again to get permission to serve packaged food.

Aug. 21, 1993 - We sent a letter to OCHD telling them that they have succeeded in closing down our tea room, hot dog stand, and we will make a sneeze bar for our infrequent tours.

Jan. 7, 1994 - Inspection by Wayne Shurts, Nick Klapp and Jim Miller. We are okay IF we fix just a couple of things that shouldn’t cost you too much.

July 1, 1994 - We open Piecemakers Inn, a small Bed and Breakfast (muffin and coffee) in the Piecemakers Village.

Aug. 18, 1994 - Inspected by Wayne Shurts and Nick Klapp. Again a few changes  - labels, soap dispenser (we put in the ones they required and they broke soon after, they don’t like the ones we purchased to replaced them ), etc.

Dec. 1994 - Our little Piecemakers Inn is closed down by Wayne Shurts.

Apr. 1995 - We started a sandwich shop downstairs.

June  27, 1995 - Inspection by Wayne Shurts and Nick Klapp.  We refuse “service”.

Jul 24, 1994 - Paid for their “permission” to run our business $139.00

Aug. 1, 1995 - In a letter we fired the OCHD and told them never to come on our property again.

From then until Jan. 1998 we were in litigation with the department. All contact by them was undercover and quite extensive when all they had to do was call us up and ask us what we were serving today.  Another $50,000 or more spent of our hard earned and even more of your tax dollars wasted. Please note that throughout all this no customer has made one single complaint about Piecemakers but over 2500 signed a petition for Piecemakers.

Jan. 22, 1998  - The court said we must stop serving everybody and we are on probation for two years.

From then until Jun. 1998 all contact was costly undercover work by OCHD.

June 1, 1998 - Inspection by Wayne Shurts and Nick Klapp. We refused their “service”.

Jan. 1999 - We received a letter from the court that we must let the OCHD in to inspect by Feb. or we would violate probation.

Feb. 9, 1999 - Inspection by Wayne Shurts, Bruce Freeman and Jim Miller. The labels are not good enough for them, we had a coffee and nondairy creamer which we are not allowed to sell or give away, too many dishes, we can not store canned food or drinks in a closet that they say we should use for Janitorial instead. And they want to inspect more.

We started a volunteer employee program for any of our customers who want to eat with us while taking classes or shopping.

More expensive undercover work.

March 1999 - Inspection by Wayne Shurts, Bruce Freeman, and two other inspectors.  We refused.

Sep. 1999 - We sent a letter to OCHD (Wayne Shurts) to take us off their mailing list and stop sending us letters, threatening or otherwise.

Jan. 4, 2000 - We received a letter from DA Tony Rackauckas, telling us we were in violation of probation on five different occasions throughout 1998 and 1999. We must appear in court on Jan. 26, 2000.

Sep. 12, 2000 - Inspection by Karen Newe, Bruce Freeman and Mr. Stroh, prearranged by Attorney Scot Heitmann. They want us to reapply because we are no longer a corporation. Discontinue giving away bread and butter samples. Again they are not happy with the labels, another small business trying to get started with jams and jellies must stop as it is too dangerous to sell, get rid of our pasta and beans in bins, no cookies or muffins unless they approve, no thermostat in refrigerator, no plants. Bruce Freeman climbed into the dishwasher so no one could see what he was doing and planted cockroaches. We have never had any before and we haven’t since.

Sep. 15, 2000 - We sent a letter  to OCHD that was telling them of the destructive work they are doing against America.

Sep. 22, 2000 - Court ordered us to stop all food sales including samples and take care of the petty grievances the OCHD has with our packaged foods. We stopped everything. The business began to die.

Oct. 8, 2000 - We held a Freedom Rally at Piecemakers.

Oct. 14,  2000 - Inspection by Bruce Freeman and Karen Newe, $124.00  extortion fee paid - see video.

Oct. 31, 2000 - We filled lawsuit against Bruce Freeman and Karen Newe. We were informed that they were immune and not responsible for their actions.

Nov. 7, 2000 - We paraded to OCHD and marched against the parasite. 4 police cars and 10 policemen stood to protect these reptiles at our taxpaying expense.

Dec. 2, 2000 - Inspection by Allen Stroh and Bill Ford. We gave them the Public Service Questionnaire to fill out. They refused and left.

Aug. 24, 2001- Bruce Freeman and Karen Newe filed lawsuit against Piecemakers.

May 2002 - Piecemakers pays Bruce Freeman and Karen Newe $10,000.00 each.

And still in all of this and not one real complaint by Piecemakers customers, lots of taxpayers money spent over and over again for nothing.

April 28, 2003 - Inspection by Frederic Chung and Mozhgan Mofidi. We refused and told them to leave and not return, ever.

Aug. 15, 2003 - Inspection attempted and refused.

Aug. 19, 2003 - Inspection by Frederic Chung and Agnes Do. We refused and told them again to leave and never return.

Nov 10, 2003 - Inspection by Frederic Chung and Agnes Do refused.

All contact was undercover.

October 7, 2005 - Inspection by two OCHD inpectors, refused.

Oct. 26, 2005 - Ambush by OCHD, DA Officers and Costa Mesa Police

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