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Statement of Mitigation

     We, Marie Kolasinski, Doug Follette and Judy Haeger are members of the Piecemakers, a life giving entity to the community. We being in accordance with the laws set forth by our Creator do hereby stand in objection to the statements set forth by Terri Lindsay an officer of the Orange County Probation Department. Ms. Lindsay spent approximately one hour with each of the defendants, the whole time complaining about back pain. It would not be possible to evaluate each person fairly in such a short time and in so much pain.  Several of Teri Lindsay's statements are incorrect.

     Marie did not grab the inspector's wrist to knock devise out of his hand; she merely reached towards it and was pounced on by Officer McConnel.  She did not resist arrest. Several Piecemakers pulled at her, Marie was like rag doll and never opened her mouth.

     In 1988 when we first started selling food, the Health Department came with books full of codes which we tried to comply with but each compliance met with another set of codes and/or another inspector's whims. Please see attached "Chronological Order" and you'll see that we did try to comply and have always paid the permit fees sent to us by the health department.

     Ms. Lindsay wants to punish Marie for her Godly beliefs.  Unfortunately, she has the power to do so. Marie, Doug and Judy have a full grasp of their personal God given freedoms and Constitutional rights and that is why they are willing to make a stand. No amount of jail time will change their appreciation for their freedoms. Freedom is a right, not a privilege.

     None of the defendants have any prior records or have caused any harm to the public or any individual, nor broken any law that is Constitutional.  Marie, Doug & Judy have not injured anyone.  No law is broken when no injury can be shown. There can be no loss or termination of rights unless actual damage is proven.

     Marie is in poor health.  Please note the Doctor's letter that she is under his care for her heart and is in a weakened condition.  She has been home bedridden except for her court dates and even then has had difficulty going to those.

     Please take into consideration the nature of the offense.  We are serving our country by working diligently to meet the needs of the community. If this be a crime so help us God and so help our country.  Always remember that a heavy fine on the innocent rips the very fiber of our country. Small businesses like Piecemakers keep your salary coming in.  I feel you are too wise to bite off the very hand that feeds you.  The whole world is watching to see if America is indeed the land of the free where justice reigns for all.

     Our life is in God's hands. You can only do to us what He allows.
Marie Kolasinski                      Doug Follette               Judy Haeger

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