[Government Run Amock]


    District Attorney - Orange County

    RE: Your raid of the Piecemakers store, 10-26

    Dear Mr Rackaukas:

    I want to thank you for raiding The Piecemakers crafts and quilt store last week.

    In just one hour, my teenage daughter learned more about how government really works, than I've been able to teach her in 10 years.

    The initiation of violence against peaceful people, the assault on senior citizens, your contempt for small business and the wealth they produce, as well as the propaganda spin by your PR folks, (painting the Piecemakers people with the Waco brush) has given my daughter an honest education in government service. A number of adults have been enlightened as well.

    Moreover, in the future, when she and I are asked to mourn a government police officer, "fallen in the line of duty," we will temper our grief with consideration of the Business Invasion Robberies and the countless assaults and traumatizations of 80-year old quilting ladies, that the officer may have committed.

    Thanks particularly to your staffmembers, Greg Horton and Mark Macauley, for their perfect live demonstration of what government "service" really means.

    Good luck in your next election,

    Don Hull
    Regular customer of The Piecemakers store
    2X Libertarian Candidate for Congress

    PS: Just Curious: Was the decision to raid to the store part of the neo-fascism emanating from Washington these days? Or is it a local tyranny of your own design? The difference might be important to OC voters.