[Government Run Amock]


    Letters of Support and Others

    Dear Marie,

    I have enjoyed your store and your publication in the past but do not appreciate your stand against the enforcement of local health laws.
    Please remove my name from your mailing list.


    Marie's Response:

    Helloooo Linda - wake up,

    In the name of God - bear with me. Deception like yours scares me as I see our country sinking deeper in the quagmire of senseless evil codes.

    Only in this country has God so given freely ideas to start businesses that created our country. It was then up to the individual to save money, work 24 hours a day and then have faith that the Godly idea would serve the community. The community decided whether that business lived or died. Then along comes the leviathan marching into their precious business telling the one who birthed it how to run it and then demanded pay for wiping out the spirit that was the very life blood of their business. Jesus spat upon the likes of our government and demanded that they realize laws are made for man not man for laws.

    If you think my laws of cleanliness, serving the community, groaning over the perfection of everything served, is evil - so be it. I answer to God and pray I have the courage to protect the idea He planted in my heart.

    We are more than happy to remove you and all the likes of you from our mailing list.

    I pray the thinking of the majority of America is righteous and your deception is the minority.


    PS. What do you do for a living?

    Hello Piecemakers,

    I just saw your segment on the 4 o'clock channel 7 news. Although I have never been to, or even heard of your shop until the news story, I want to say that I am in 100% support of your cause. I am so outraged at how our government uses its bullying tactics. We all know it comes down to them wanting more of our hard earned money, via their ridiculous permits. Too many people just allow them to walk all over us. So much for land of the free. It is inspiring to see you standing up for your rights, and I hope that more business owners will step in line.

    From what I could see you have a cleaner kitchen than my own, and an adorable shop. I look forward to my next trip to Costa Mesa so I may patronize your shop.

    Stand strong! We are behind you!

    Karen Duffy
    Glendora, Ca

    Regarding the raid on the Piecemakers store in Costa Mesa:

    I guess there is no more violent crime in Orange County and all murder investigations have been solved. How else can you explain assigning 21 district attorney investigators, scores of Costa Mesa police, and many other support personnel for the purpose of taking the temperature of a bowl of soup?

    Doug Scribner
    (former Costa Mesa resident and former Child Care and Youth Services Committee member)
    Minneapolis, MN

    Dear Piecemakers,

    I am glad Don Hull forwarded my mail and more than honored to assist in any way I can. With your permission I will also "post" the letter you were kind enough to share. I only wish that there were more...many many more "Americans" out there. I am beginning to believe that "Americans" live in America as an endangered species.

    If you would be kind enough to add me to your e-mail list I will do all I can to work with you and Don to get your word out.

    God is with you and I am always happiest in His company...

    Kindest Regards,
    Bill Walters

    Defending the Piecemakers

    We call this a free country and then we hear about a story like this, "Piecemakers told to halt food sales" [Local, Nov. 4], and one begins to wonder. We have a 50 percent dropout rate in our high schools, illegal immigrants draining our social services and schools, a huge budget crisis, a war on drugs, a war on poverty, gang activity that is out of control, teen pregnancy problems, traffic nightmares ... and the list goes on and on. Yet here we have our government, in all its proverbial wisdom, using its resources (21 district attorney investigators!) to harass some little old ladies for making soup and putting on a play. This is unbelievable. What is next, the kids on the corner selling lemonade or the bake sales at schools?

    This is not about the "safety" of the community, this is about the government attempting to control every aspect of our lives and taking money from us (in the form of permit costs) to do it. The market is what should be policing these women. If their place isn't clean, people won't eat there. If the food makes them sick, they can be sued in civil court. If the play isn't ... well, I still can't understand why they needed a permit to put on a play in the first place.

    I don't know about the language these women used against these government representatives, but perhaps it was the only recourse they felt they had against a government that was harrassing them. I think they are brave for standing against an oppressive government.

    Will someone tell us what we need to do to get the government to stand down and let us live our lives?

    Adelle Manos
    Long Beach

    Dear Marie,

    I have told many Christian friends about your website and the work you do there at Piecemakers. One such friend told me of your recent plight with the "health authorities". She said she started praying for you immediately. And even this morning another friend said she saw your story unfold on the news. Thank God that there are those like you who do stand up to our overgrown and bloated bureaucracy. It is so shameful that our government sees fit to arrest and bully female senior citizens.

    I am sure that some Christians will quote Romans 13 to you and say you must be subject to the government. I have enclosed a piece that has brought Romans 13 up-to-date. It was written by someone who also is standing up to the unconstitutional edicts of our government.

    As the time approaches for our Lord Jesus to return, I pray that all believers will be strengthened in Him for the days ahead. And I trust that what the devil meant for evil God will turn around for good for you. Romans 8:28-29.

    We are standing behind you in prayer.

    God Bless You!!!

    Cassandra Johnson
    Pasadena, California

    To:Tony Dodero
    Daily Pilot

    I was saddened to witness the excessive show of force used in the raid on Peacemakers Craft Store. It seemed like a waste of tax money and personnel. Peacemakers is a group of people who take in people who may not have a lot of other choices. They teach them skills and help them to be productive citizens. Their work whether tile, painting or carpentry is excellent. They are honest and dependable. Instead of finding other "unexpected" costs to add to the bottom line they are true to their word and always give more than you expected.

    Piecemakers sells their designs worldwide and attracts visitors from around the world to view their store first hand. They are always friendly and helpful whether you just want advice or buy merchandise.

    Their tea room is spotless, as is their kitchen, and always lots of fun. Their cappuccino muffins are my favorite. The food is delicious. This hardly seems a group the public needs protection from. We would be a better society if more people followed their lead.

    Chris Stewart

    To Whom it May Concern:

    For the past several years I have been a customer of, and a student in classes provided by, Piecemakers of Costa Mesa. During those years I have become acquainted with all the staff and teachers of this concern, and I have come to feel as if they are family in a second home.

    I have found all of the personnel involved at Piecemakers to be friendly, honest, helpful, and dedicated to their customers' satisfaction. I have never had occasion to find fault with these people in any way whatsoever.

    During visits and classes I have, many times, partaken of their lunches. These meals have been carefully and thoughtfully prepared, with healthy choices provided since so many of their customers are senior citizens, as am I. Their eating facilities are scrupulously clean, as are their kitchens.

    I don't understand why this exemplary establishment has been singled out for inspections requiring police presence as occurred on October 26, 2005, and I feel that such attention is unwarranted.

    I trust that this matter will be quickly and properly resolved so that we who frequent Piecemakers can continue enjoying their exceptionally fine facilities and services.

    Maria Seaman
    Midway City, CA