[Government Run Amock]

Dear email friends,

  This is a letter sent to Orange County District Attorney Steiner.  Contents of the letter explain who he is.


June 16, 2008

My dear Mr. Steiner,

    “The quality of mercy is not strained. It falleth as a gentle rain from heaven upon
the earth beneath.”

    The day was Friday the thirteenth, the month June, the 2008th year of our Lord. And,
mercy fell from heaven through the most unlikely vessel.
It was the day of superstition and old wives' tales. A supposed day of bad luck.
However, we three Piecemakers went into court with the faith that moves mountains, in
a sense knowing it was imperative we get off probation and our God is able to do the
impossible. Why the urgency to get off probation? Well, that will be revealed as God
unveils His plan for our sick country.

    It was a typical day in court. We started in one courtroom, were moved to another.
It just so happened to be H-10. The same room where you were instrumental in sending
me to jail for the great sin of assuming the business called Piecemakers was owned by
God and the ones who had the courage to start a business with hard work, money, tears
and sleepless nights.

    You were one of the jesters I saw do a good job of putting justice in a genie bottle
while your zest for power drove you to be a key player in a kangaroo court trial that
changed the course of history.

    I say all of this to let you know, that after waiting two hours on this Friday the 13th,
in a solitary court room that had the same spirit of dread as the cold holding tanks of my
jail days, in you walk. Well, I gasp, “Holy Jesus, here we go again.” It's Steiner, the
stalker. We will no way, no how get off probation. God, why did you set us up with a
phony lawyer who was nowhere to be found and now Steiner????

    Silence fell and then you so graciously and simply said, “I see no reason for them not
to be set free.” First the shock, then the tears of gratitude as we witness Steiner the
stalker turn into an angel who opened the heavens to release the mercy of God into a
cold, punishing system so unlike the Saviour we profess to follow.

    Well, you stood your ground as the judge was adamant about people who were as
bad as we are being punished until retribution is made.

    The mercy shown to us by your kindness will change the course of history as the
Great Judge of us all registers deeds such as this in the heavens as a beginning of a new
ray of light that will guide all of us into the healing power of these simple words spoken
years ago by a simple Man with authority such as yours, “Go, your sins are forgiven you.”


Marie Kolasinski