[Government Run Amock]

July 29, 2008

America Has Fallen From Grace

A nation such a ours, founded on God who has given us grace and blessed us beyond any other nation, and strays from its roots has some severe consequences to face. For any entity that leaves it roots is ultimately drawn back to its beginnings.

Now, with the brashness of our rebellion, and light that we once had, our penalty is much greater than if we had never known God. He will cleanse our nation with the shedding of blood. For there is no remission for sin without the shedding of blood.

Now, a nation is made up of people. So it is our blood that will be shed. I do not say might be shed. I say, will be shed.

We can either give our life to Christ and go by the way of Calvary and eat the flesh and blood of our Lord, shed our spiritual blood in exchange for His pure blood, or we can have a civil war and shed our blood in that manner.

There will be brother against brother, mother against daughter, etc., etc. And if we do not lose our identity with the giving of our life to Christ and gain His life we will lose our life in a bloody war that will destroy our country with fire and blood.

The courts of law usually depict the depravity of a country. With our dictator leader who should be lynched, we have lost all of our foundation for a fair trial in our courts.  Our Constitution was drawn up to keep a bloodsucker out of the heart beat of our country. The working class and the business world belong to God. The government is and always has been a bloodsucker with no blood of its own so it drinks the blood of the people who make up our nation. Our brash dictator leader tears up The Constitution and throws it on the floor as the cameras roll. He goes to war breaking all international laws, he makes Hitler look like an angel with his lifting of the habeas corpus and putting his stamp of approval on the most heinous of punishment for his Waldos that he, in his paranoia presumes are frightening the people. We have Waldo right in the White House surrounded by other Waldos all in disguise trying to hide from God with a Christian mask.

Did you ever see anyone get a jury of their peers??? Does anyone in the courts ever get a fair trial??? We are a disgrace to heaven and hell and our retribution is thundering down from heaven. It is rumbling, “Repent or perish.” Lynch all of Washington on the gallows and set the so called criminals in prison free.  He is a God of fire and we will either change or perish.


Marie Kolasinski