[Government Run Amock]

August 26, 2008

 The Aryan Race

For all who are aware that we are living in perilous times and everything you plan to do or are doing is amounting to zippo, I would like to bring you some truth, the yey and  boo of what is already beginning to happen. Whether you heed it or not is not my job.  My job is to warn the people of impending doom and give them a way out of the coming destruction of mankind as we know it. 

I can say "Thank God, we are about to see a sane society" as God finishes the work He started some eons ago.  He is the author and the finisher and so far the human race has been on the bumpy road in hell.

Now for an eye opener that you cannot refute for it is truth.  Christianity has done nothing but try and create the Aryan race.  Our inner man is deceitful beyond repair.   It is wicked beyond fixing.  It is a clever actor pretending to be God and also thinking it knows more than God.

Well, help is here and the jig is up.  We are all caught in our selfish little shell pretending we are something we are not.  Masks are being ripped off and we all are being exposed to the light of a holy God.

Now saying all of that, Christianity has gone around the world with a half assed gospel making this murderer inside of us look like the good Samaritan, we all have a savior complex thinking we have the answer to the world’s dilemma.  Well, my friends, the answer is God, always has been God, and He is not here to make our creepy little man inside of us holy.  He is out to destroy it and bring forth a new creation.

Hitler was a Christian.  Bush is a Christian, Rick Warren is a Christian and yadee, yadee, yadee and they are all out to make the Aryan (perfect race) by putting in prison those who contaminate their so called perfect society, killing off nations that do not measure up to our warped sense of what the perfect government is.  Instead of being the example, we force people into our creepy little world void of understanding, compassion or in fact, void of God.  The fact is the worst of the criminals are the very ones I named and all like them. 

Jeremiah lived in times such as these and I quote from the book of Jeremiah. 

"Wail, shepherds!!!  Cry out for help.  Grovel in the dirt, you masters of the flock.  Time’s up—you are slated for the slaughterhouse like a choice ram with its throat cut.  There is no way out for the rulers.  No escape for those shepherds.  Hear that???  Rulers crying for help, shepherds of the flock wailing.  God is about to ravage their fine pastures.  The peaceful sheepfolds will be silent with death, silenced by God’s deadly anger.  God will come out into the open like a lion leaping from its cover and the country will be torn to pieces, ripped and ravaged by His anger."

Now, my dear friends with a visitation like that, we will become the finished product of God’s creation man and God will be satisfied with His visitation for He tears but He also heals.

Remember it is the Son of righteousness who comes with healing in His wings.  That, my dear friends is His righteousness and not our self righteousness. 

It is imperative we get new wine skins to hold the glory of God and then we will have, not the phony pretense of being saved or whole, but a new creation, giving instead of taking, glorifying God and not self----the kingdom of God in the earth, hell turned into heaven and then we can say of a surety, "Behold, all things are new."  And God will look upon His handiwork and see that it is good.


Marie Kolasinski