[Government Run Amock]

October 9, 2008

Dear Email  Friends,

I could start this greeting by hollering “Yahoo, it is finally happening”, and you would, with wide eyes say, “And what is happening that you are yahooing about?”  And I would answer, “Well, what we , as Christians have prayed for lo these many years, the second coming of Christ, of course.”

And then you would perhaps say, “I thought it was going to be the answer to all of my woes.”   And I would answer, “Well, it is.  But my dear little sojourner, your woes are all you and He is here to take all of your money, all of your crazy mind, all of your family, all of your emoting, all of your greed and worries, well, my dear, your world is coming to an end.”

And with it we will see the world tremble as it gives birth to a new age, a new world in which to live.  Yes, indeed, man will try and rescue Wall Street.  Man will try and take your money and use it for their own gain, man will promise you he can save the world that God is destroying.  However, it is up to each individual to awaken from our stupor and get real, as my parrot used to say.

We are entering a new age a new world that is as traumatic as a baby coming out of a cozy comfy womb into a new foreign environment.
Only those businesses founded on honesty and integrity will last.  Only those businesses who have the qualities to lay a foundation for the working class of America will last.  Only those who give God the credit for all things will last and only those who will be willing to flow with the new wave with God as our Lord will last.

We do not need shysters in Washington taking our money and spending it on nonsensical programs telling us they are doing it for our good.

Now, if you have just lost your home, seek God for shelter.  He is gathering us together.  If you have any money, give it away or as the Bible says, throw it in the street.  It will turn on you and burn your flesh.  And trust me I know from experience, it is no thrill.  Christ is a baptizer of fire and He will be Lord in your life or you will perish.  I speak from experience.  This is our finest hour and our most dreadful of times.  Let us all stick together and help as much as possible those in need and for the love of Christ stay away from the polls and do not be responsible for the demise of some poor sucker who thinks he can save all of us by using our money to do so.  Money as we know it is history, governments as we know it is history, families as we know them are history.  “Old things have passed away, behold all things are new.”

In the year 2001 we had cartoons in a little newspaper we were publishing.  They forecasted all that is happening today.  So be of good cheer, He has overcome the world and where He is there we  will be also.  And, my dear friends, do not go to Mars looking for the new world.  It is right inside of you waiting for you to enter in by a metamorphosis.  It is called Heaven and Heaven's gates of glory await you.


Marie Kolasinski

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