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    Written and first published in 2001.

    America Awakening From a Deep Sleep

    There are definite signs of a great awakening which is about to take place. The stirrings of discontent, the awareness of the need for a returning to our roots, the corruption cup is full, and many other signs. If this be true we will see the impostors in America put under foot, capitalism annihilated and God's simple government reigning once again. A spiritual awakening is the only thing that will save America from a bloody revolution. Oppression will be tolerated just so long before the people rebel, or should I say that a barrel of rotten apples will foment and then crumble. Always remember, a good apple placed in a rotten barrel of apples will eventually turn rotten, so good luck, Bush.

    The early settlers of America left England's rotten barrel and planted a seed that has lain dormant for some 400 years. The seed they planted was the seed of a theocracy. When we began to leave our simple roots and man began to govern rather than God our journey eventually led to the forming of our Constitution - hence the birth of a republic. God always looks at "we the people" for He loved the world so much that He sent His Son to bring us back to our beginning with our Father, thus establishing peace in our hearts, the only real peace that even our Constitution cannot bring.

    Let us get the whole picture of the history of our country. In the beginning there was God, our Heavenly Father, who worked in the hearts of some very courageous people. Without these early settlers who paved the way by living communally, by forming new families as the family unit was destroyed by disease, wars, hardship etc., by making God and His work first in their lives, the Constitution would have been of little worth. The piece of paper called our Constitution and Bill of Rights without God is just another piece of paper. As a matter of fact, if we hadn't strayed from our roots we would not need a Constitution. These people who are the roots of our country are unknown. They were known only by God. They laid the foundation for the real America.

    By the time we got to the year 1776, we were well on our way to falling into a deep sleep. Personal gain - fame and fortune - honor from men - were more important than doing God's will. Freedom from England was most important with or without God. In other words, God accomplished what He wanted done in spite of us. Not that our forefathers lacked courage - not that they did not accomplish what God had in His heart. However, freedom from England was imperative for the survival of the seed which God so jealously protected. That seed carried the fruit of what America is yet to become.

    There is a scripture, Proverbs 6:22, that says "When thou goest, it shall lead thee; when thou sleepest, it shall keep thee; and when thou awakest, it shall talk with thee." The original settlers made sure their hearts and motives were pure - primate - so the seed planted was pure. And it is the same Holy Spirit that led them to plant the seeds of community, of Holiness, of righteousness that kept us while we slept. It is the same Holy Spirit that guided us on the journey to the place where we are in this year of 2001. We see the wheat and the tares have grown up together. Harvest time is here. And it is the same Spirit that was in the original American founders that is now awakening America, and God is talking face to face with us in judgment and righteousness. We see the tares with all the authority and power attempting to eliminate the seed.

    We see wickedness abounding. Laws that at one time were guidelines are no longer in the court system and we find men and women who carry the badges judge and execute according to their whims, their prejudices, etc. What a frightening time in which to live!!

    While we slept we took all things for granted. Few paid attention to the Constitution, the Bible, our rich heritage or our wicked, greedy, ungrateful hearts.

    However, now upon awakening we see that as we slept the very seed planted by our forefathers who are unknown in history books but known by the Spirit are becoming known to us as we turn our hearts completely to God. We feel a kinship with them, for we are the foundation of a new world just as our kinfolk started a new world - laid the foundation of a new world. For in Him we find our faithful courageous ancestors, related by the blood of Christ who dared give their whole lives to Him so as to make Him available to a lost world.

    As God begins to stir us from our sleep we will see that the time asleep was not wasted, for a maturing process was at work much like the seed of a tree could appear as dead until the fruit appears.

    The enemy of our country that appears to be destroying our country is but causing the birth pangs of a new mature nation being born. The enemy can only live in the night season, can only live as long as it is needed to mature us.

    The night season is always dark. People can do "their own thing" so to speak. It is normal to live in fantasy in the night season. The night season is a time when the human race is not real - we have become an image where it is quite normal to believe a lie. We cared more about our outward appearance than our inward maturity. We cared more about who we are than what  we are - always striving to become someone or achieve some sort of satisfaction in a world which was never meant to satisfy, never meant to give you contentment with achievements.

    The scripture admonishes us to "awake unto righteousness". It does not say, "Awake unto happiness" or "Awake unto good times." Righteousness is a facet of God desperately needed in this hour of great and perilous times.

    May the great Holy Spirit who guided our forefathers, now awaken us from our sleep and awaken us unto righteousness.




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