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    August 5, 2009

    Pistol Packing Churches

    So I dust off the ornament in my room, turn it on and lo and behold I hear a story that is either the best comedy or the most tragic tale of the millennium.

    The churches are packing pistols to protect the parishioners and - get this - the pastors have body guards.  I thought the church was a place of refuge protected by God.  Any country that will give its hard earned money to hire "body" guards to protect government or church employees is depraved beyond hope.

    Now let us look at our road map guiding us back home - the Bible.  We are not living under the laws of Moses.  We are in the New Testament if, in fact, we are what we profess to be - a Christian nation. Jesus was the first one murdered and it changed the world.

    Steven was the second martyr and it changed the course of history as Paul was birthed out of that death.
    If you are living under the law of Moses - an eye for and eye, a tooth for a tooth - get your ass out of the phony thing called "the church",  pack your pistol and shoot the first asshole who sets foot on your property.

    If we are indeed "the real church" we have given our bodies to God as a living sacrifice for God to use as He chooses.

    Life is more than the body if you indeed have forsaken your old dead life and become that life that is more than the body.

    The sufferings of Christ which change one from a pistol packing mama to a Peace maker are so excruciating, a pistol in the head seems like an easy way out.

    We are headed into some dark days as the light of God stirs us from our sleep exposing our real self that is so evil only a loving God would want to patiently change it.

    America will humble herself as a nation or perish.  All phony pretenses are over - we become real or we become nothing.  See you on the road to Emmaus.



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