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    We received this prophecy given by Clay Sikes and it is so good that we thought we'd pass it on.


    Current Chaos Will Produce God's Order

    Clay Sikes
    Sep 3, 2009

    The level of chaos and disorder running rampant in the remnant is almost laughable. Everywhere I turn, in speaking with other members of the Body, I find the same thing - people going through hellish circumstances. And yes, we can laugh at the devil when we accurately know what is really going on. Many of these same fine folks once walked in blessing and visible favor, yet now have had their lives turned upside down through one adversity after another. Take heart O Saint! There is Divine Design is what is happening, even down to the financial meltdown and subsequent crisis the country is now experiencing.

    For some years, accurate prophetic voices have seen and spoken of the next great move of God. We have, in the past, seen great moves of healing, teaching, evangelism, and preaching. Some of these 'moves' have names and dot the landscape of our spiritual history; yet now, there is emerging move, a move for the Ages! The next great move of God is "The Kingdom." The Kingdom is coming upon the earth with Kingdom evidence and Kingdom power as God is truly contrasting His own from those who are not. God is interfering in the affairs of men to bring them into His Power and His Glory for His 'Kingdom' purpose. Out of our chaos will come God's order, as the 'refining process' is doing its work of producing individual and corporate order in the true remnant Body of Christ. How will a man receive the Kingdom of God - through much tribulation (Acts 14:22). There is no other way to find Kingdom purpose without test and trials. Those the Lord loves (has great purpose for), He chastens.

    The current difficulties the world is experiencing, and our individual struggles are a sign of the Kingdom's emergence upon the earth. Many steeped in religion today do not understand this incredible point, as they simply see God as good, which He most definitely is, but their understanding of 'good' is linked to surface blessing only. Many classically eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and are quick to recognize the 'evil' side of the tree, but have little understanding of the deadly 'good' side of this fruit. God is indeed good, but all good is not God. We classically measure God's goodness to us based upon our understanding of 'good.' My bank account is full - "Good." What if the bank account is empty? Is that bad? Maybe through this adversity one learns the meaning of prayer and faith, or learning to hear and completely depend on God. The Kingdom of God is "peace, righteousness, and joy in the Holy Spirit." These attributes cannot be gained by any other means than through the Holy Spirit, and often come with a price - adversity.

    Dennis Peacock, a noted Christian writer and speaker from California, has often said that he didn't desire to walk with anyone in the things of the Spirit who didn't walk with a limp. We must go 'through' in order to get 'to,' and the journey can be a challenge.

    So, take heart O Saint; especially those who are going through deep trials, cumbersome existence, and grand feelings of disjointedness. You are part of the emerging Kingdom of God. Laugh at the devil; for soon you will see the hand of God as never before.


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