[Government Run Amock]


    October 5, 2009

        Letter to The Orange County Register

    What is wrong with this picture?

    Does America have the atom bomb?

    Does America have weapons that can destroy the world?

    If we profess to be world leaders are we then saying, "Don't do what I do but do as I say?"

    I call that dictatorship.

    If we are to lead by example it is time we lay down the sword and serve rather than lord it over the nations we expect to honor us.

    Ahmadinejad does not answer to the whims of Obama or the rest of the world.  Each person will answer to God.

    Are we a peace loving nation or are we whoremongers like those we are judging?  Time we all get on our knees and humble ourselves so we have His canopy over us as our protection instead of an eye for an eye sort of game playing.

    The final hour of history is being played out.  Only God's grace will bring a nation into His rest, and He gives grace to the humble.

    Marie Kolasinski


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