[Government Run Amock]


    October 7, 2009

       Street Sweepers

    Dear Email Friends,

         After reading the letters published in last night's Register about the street sweepers written by typical American bobble heads I can understand why they didn't publish my letter.

    My Letter to the Editor:

    Well - it finally happened.  What has been the normal pain in the rear for the working class finally touched a government employee.

    I'm speaking of the street sweeper and councilman Devin Dwyer.

    So the fines do not cover the cost of the street sweeper? Daaa------

    Solution - fire the damn street sweeper and let us sweep our own curb and gutters like the good ole days.

    Marie Kolasinski

    We're the only country with the means to destroy the world; an illegal president; taxes up the ying yang; and street sweepers who clean up our debris for all of us poor lazy helpless creatures.

    We used to have a parrot that said, "Get real."  Good advice for all of us.


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