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    September 7, 2010

       Taste of Piecemakers

    The email below is an answer to this article from The Orange County Register:

    Orange County Register Local section, Monday, Sept. 6th, 2010
    Costa Mesa

    Piecemakers:  The Piecemakers, the quilt-making, libertarian religious group that ran into trouble by barring health inspectors from their Country Store, is holding their ninth annual "Taste of Piecemakers" Monday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., featuring an all- you-can-eat buffet for $6.00.  The event will be at their Country Store at 1720 Adams Ave. Information: piecemakers.com

    Jon Cassidy@ocregister.com

    Email Reply September 7th:


    Thanks for plugging the Piecemakers buffet in the Monday "Our Towns" section.

    I was told, they got the biggest crowd ever, there were 3 complete "sittings" and the line past the buffet ran continuously til the closing bell.

    Obviously, nobody was frightened by the "barring of health inspectors."  Nobody pays attention to the arrogant tyrants in the health dept, anyway.  The customers are glad to make their own decisions.

    Nobody got sick or even got choked on anything.  The "health dept" is a complete waste of taxpayer's time and money.  It should be abolished, the people fired and the buildings and office equipment sold.

    There was even a small concert by The Mixed Chorus, some 20 people in perfect harmony singing praises of liberty and freedom and good digestion.  They were scheduled to perform once, but the crowd demanded an encore, then two more.

    As one customer said, "It's like visiting grandma's house at Christmas.  Lots of fun people and a table groaning under the load of God's bounty.  Glad we came."

    This is precisely the kind of community activity that Marie, the group's leader, believes is the group's mission in life.  She is glad the store can serve thousands of customers with crafts products and teaching seminars, but the real joy is in providing the little "extras" like community activities such as buffets, banquets, fairs and theatrical presentations that entertain ALL kinds of customers.

    The Piecemakers Store, Crafts School and Pumpkin Patch are a true community benefit to living in Costa Mesa -- a great enhancement to the lifestyle here.  People who are weary of a life of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, plasticized food and embalmed meats, will surely enjoy the country home cooking of the Piecemakers' Kitchen.

    Bring your whittlin' knife and come over and set a spell.  Have some authentic apple pie devoid of fillers, HFCs,  PVCs, PBEs, DVDs or compressed air.

    A Piecemakers customer and neighbor,

    Don Hull
    Costa Mesa


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