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    October 1, 2010

       The California Project

    The email below is an answer to this article from The Orange County Register:



    When the problems and the state of affairs gets 100 % corrupted and useless, the so called project is more than a project. It is a disaster no man can solve. It collapses of its own decay.

    The twin towers were like a trumpet blowing, warning us that as the towers went so will the money system, which is the blood flow of our infrastructure. Did you ever hear of steel, cement and glass all burning to ground like a bon fire??? Only the same God that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah could do a feat like that.

    I find it quite disgusting when greed and the love of money overshadow common sense.

    What is wrong with this picture? When the economy is tottering and all small businesses are struggling, it never touches the money mongrels who own the small businesses. Their interest stays the same. If not paid, they foreclose and one more of the economy’s resources is cut off.

    The taxes on the small businesses are raised to keep our blood sucking government alive. And if not paid, they are given a penalty. If the big money vultures are struggling, our good old savior Obama, bails them out.

    We are an arrogant nation with a king ruling over us and we sleep on. It is not if we topple, it is when we topple, and it will be the crash that is heard round the world.

    Marie Kolasinski


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