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    November 12, 2010

       Looking for Fulfillment in All the Wrong Places

    There are many mysteries mentioned in the scriptures and oddly enough, they are all in the New Testament. God is bringing to light and understanding that which was at one time a mystery. So I looked up the word in Webster’s dictionary and, lo and behold, it said this: “a religious truth hidden and can only be known by revelation”.

    So with that in mind, let us pursue the mystery of being fulfilled, wanting nothing.

    We are looking for peace in all the wrong places. We move to some remote farm area where there is no traffic, no TV, no next door neighbor — just the cows, horses, chickens —  and if the cows are milk cows, well, we are married to the earth and cows, and sooner or later find out although work is good for the soul, we are still unfulfilled. The slithering in mud and manure can make you long for clean boots and the smell of city air.

    I want joy and happiness. Perhaps a vacation and a few martinis will fill me full of a good feeling of joy. By the way, VACATIONS ARE MORE FUN PLANNING THAN TAKING. Wherever we go, there we are. Wow, I thought this little haven away from home and nothing to do would be the joy of my life. Or…

    Perhaps a brood of kids will bring joy into my life. Lo and behold, life is just one more pain in the ass tripled now with a house full of kids.

    Now, God is not a mocker of His promises and peace, joy and righteousness, the heart beat of God, can be yours but it is hidden from the all who are still hunting for joy and peace in all the wrong places.

    We are born a miserable seed and unless we allow God to change us, joy and peace will always elude us and remain a mystery we keep looking for in all the wrong places.

    You want fulfillment????? Pack up your bags, take a trip up Calvary's hill and spend sometime at the Marriott called the cross. You will come out of that vacation with no self, fulfilled and full of joy, peace and of course with self gone, you will also be given His righteousness as a new beautiful , glowing garment with a cowboy hat of salvation and a mouth that will slay dragons. Now that is looking for fulfillment in the only place it can be found.

    Oh, I forgot — the cows, chickens, trees, tractor, houses filled with goodies, and a house full of kids to boot, will be thrown in for good measure now that you do not look for them for fulfillment.

    Marie Kolasinski


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