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    January 7, 2011

    Dear Email Friends,

    Below is a letter sent to The Orange County Register.

       Mike Carona

    Prison is too good for Mike Carona. Sentence him to Orange County jail, the hellhole he created.

    I spent seven days in this so called rehab dungeon. Evidently the courts thought I needed rehabilitation from telling the truth.

    After spending the first night huddling in the cold on a cement wall called “the loop”, I was ushered into my home for the next seven days. The month was January.

    My apparel was a short sleeved two piece uniform — thread bare — a pair of sox and worn out shoes. They gave me an old army blanket and rags for sheets, no pillow. The pillow had to be bought if wanted.

    The temperature in this twelve-bed pig pen called the infirmary, I would guess was in the upper 50s, so it was impossible to get a good night's sleep because of the cold and the lack of blankets.

    Every meal was served in a paper bag. Keeping an orange over to eat later was considered contraband and punishment was doled out for this so called crime.

    The shower was filthy with a torn curtain. One sink was plugged the other so corroded it was not usable.

    The spirit in OC jail is anything but a rehab place. It dehumanizes the already scared victims. In the cell where I was, there was no sense of time — no windows, no clock —  just the cold dead air not unlike a coffin for the dead.

    Throw in the badge happy deputies who loved to provoke one so as to get a reaction which would make the prison sentence longer and you have a good picture of the creation of the so called highest ranking law enforcement officer, Mike Carona.

    Give Carona a taste of the hell he has created for those he considers below his high and lofty way of life. We will see if it rehabs him.

    Marie Kolasinski


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