[Government Run Amock]


    April 27, 2011

    My dear friends,

    We are rapidly heading for a big collision with God as He comes out of His holy habitation and takes America by storm. By storm, I mean, He is about to destroy the America we know now that says one thing and does another, that professes to be under God and ignores the God who created us, the America that promises to take the storm tossed and helpless and then casts them off as refuse, the America that says we are a nation with freedom and justice for all and then we find corruption in our court rooms that makes a dictator country look quite sane, the America that professes doing countries a service while destroying the infrastructure of country after country, the America that tries to force a government onto other countries that hasn't worked for us.

    e, in our arrogance, pride ourselves in a man made government called democracy as the government others should have when the fact is democracy was at work in Hitler's day in Germany. We are too arrogant to tell the world it is not democracy but the rays of God's grace still shining as we were at one time founded on His principles and His ways and on God Himself.

    nd my dear folks we are about to see the end of America as we know it and a new beginning; for in the beginning was God. And He will have His country back and woe unto those who do not yield their lives to the big change as He forces His will on all of us. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in America as it is in heaven.


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