[Government Run Amock]


    June, 2011

    Dear Email Friends,

    I was just reading this following message over, and thought it was a timely message for all of us in these perilous end times.

    Psalm 51:5 - Behold, I was shapen in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me.

    2 Samuel 22:6 - The sorrows of hell compassed me.

    Jonah 2:2 - Out of the belly of hell...

    Proverbs 2:14 - And shall deliver his soul from hell...

    Psalm 116:3 - The pains of hell got hold upon me.

    Please consider the above scriptures as five good reasons why Christ came to "save" us. Our dilemma began where all things begin, that is, "in the beginning". You will notice that we do not go to hell when we die; we are born in hell and our promise is this - "The gates of hell will not prevail against the church." You will notice it does not say the gates of hell will not prevail against you when you die. It infers that here and now if you go on the journey with Christ, there comes a time when the keeper of the gates of hell must give way to the sojourner, that sojourner who has persevered to the end of his old life and therefore is known as the church. Please know this - going to church does not make you the church of the firstborn whose citizenship is heaven. The gates or wineskin of the old age must give way to the growing new creation much like a seed must give way to let the germination take place.

    The definition of the word church is indeed very interesting. It means origin, the place where motion begins. So, as we become that butterfly that has emerged from our old adam nature, we have made our way back to our Creator, God, and have become "the church".

    David, a man who loved God but did evil continually, finally was faced with some of the truths he tried to avoid looking at. Man is evil and there is not one good thing in him. So David, with his eyes beginning to open, wrote the awesome Psalm 51, and saw his iniquity was a birth present from his father Jesse and his mother who inherited the sin of Adam and Eve. So we are born in sin. We do not become sinners. Our very substance is iniquity.

    Now may I ask a serious question. Why do we insist on saving our lives when we know all this, we see it in others, we abhor sin and cleverness in others, but fight to keep our own iniquity?

    Another question - why do we try to use the evil world and what it has to offer to satisfy us when God has made it plain that the peace of the world does not satisfy, that the happiness of the world is fleeting, that continually trying to be right in our own eyes only drives people from us??? Good questions to ask yourself.

    Our adam man was made to live in hell. Our adam man cannot go to heaven. Our adam man is cut off from God and is considered dead. Our adam man can do nothing but sin for he by nature is a sinner. The good news is this - the adam man can change. It is the only animal created that can change. It is the only animal that can receive Christ.

    Romans 12:1 is perhaps one of the most descriptive scriptures that tells us what must happen to us if we are to abide in heaven. We must be transformed to get out of the evil world in which we are born. That awesome word "transformed" is the same word used to change a worm into a butterfly. There is no escape from hell except the cross - no flying away out of here, no suicide, no being so religiously good nobody can stand us. We are all stuck with the big "C" word called change. And that is not changing our manners, our addictions, our attitude - it is getting a new life, a new blood line. Then and only then can we be in the world and not of it - like the butterfly is in the same world as the worm but not of it. Only then will we have completed our journey. Trying to escape the cross with all the false doctrines, like flying away when the going gets tough, is the mentality of an imbecile, a coward, a loser, and makes Christ's coming of no avail. Let us as brave sojourners, bear our cross, yield to the change and not lean on our own understanding. The Lord is faithful to accomplish what He started. Let us pray we "seek first the Kingdom of God" instead of running after the things He will add to us if we relinquish our all.