[Government Run Amock]


    October 24, 2011

A Word of Warning to America
    The businesses of America have had the life blood sucked out of them. We are shortly going to see the collapse of our economy the likes of which has never been experienced in this country.

    Let me enlighten you who sleepeth and encourage you who already have your eyes open. We get letters by the hundreds from people who encourage us in our stand against the encroachment of the bloodsuckers on the business of America. There are, however, those who are America's enemies who not only refuse to see what is happening, but actually shut the mouths of those who are sounding the alarm. They put their stamp of approval upon the government that is not only sucking dry our business world but is actually taking from the American people the joy of working for a living by being creative. In other words, the beast has harassed, hounded and changed the creative seed given to the people by God into something to fit their codes and stupidity.

    Every business that benefits a community, either here or any other place in the world, gets an idea to start that business from God. Every business is built by the sweat and blood and money of him or her who builds it. Every business has a heart, blood and is a living entity no different than our physical body.

    Our government with its codes, regulations and bully tactics is putting to death our businesses by putting to death the will of the people to carry on. This is no different than if one were to take a sword and put it through the heart of an individual. Under the laws of the land, this is considered murder. How do we as Americans stand silent and watch as our evil, murderous government puts to death the life of our beloved country?

    Most businesses cannot afford the ever increasing high salaries demanded from employees whose lifestyle feeds off body idolatry; looking good and living high. Government employees, with 6 figure salaries and pension plans are an abomination to our God. They boldly continue to take from the working class and our country and then have the nerve of calling themselves servants.

    How far we as a nation have strayed from the simplicity of our Savior. My personal feeling is that we have overstepped our boundaries and God is ready to judge this country far worse than Sodom and Gomorrah or Bosnia and Croatia.

    Pray when God moves in His wrath that you are standing with Piecemakers under the protection of our God as he puts to death the whore who is drunk with the blood of the saints and who is crucifying our Savior who has His heart buried deep within every business in America.