[Government Run Amock]


    January 2002

    What is Your Vision for America?

    My dear email friends,

    Welcome! All aboard the "Good Ship 2002", the year of the bully. You are about to have a "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" out of hell. You will not know you are in hell until you come out of it.

    I have some good news for all of you. People are wanting on our email list. When I began writing the email letter, I felt it a dishonor to the American people to write a Dick and Jane letter or even a letter to tell you all that is happening at Piecemakers. So I began telling truth - God's truth - truth as Christ is truth. Well, I wasn't surprised when people wanted off the email list. It was like America was being weighed in the scales and found wanting. Mene, Mene, tekel, tekel - the people totally in denial as to the signs of the times.

    Since the towers and "cops and robbers" games being played by our leaders, it seems the people are awakening from a long, long sleep. Are you aware of the fact that the towers, the real towers, have not fallen?? Only the appearance of the towers have fallen. The real towers are the powers behind what made these towers so powerful that the whole world was touched. Let us name the towers - Mr. Pride and Ms. Deceit. What a marriage!! Then add the family of kids: Greed, Vanity, Arrogance, Competition, Self-importance and a string of grandkids too numerous to number.

    These are the real towers that are about to be taken care of that will set the people free. And only God, with our willingness can do this. And this, by the way, is the God that created us in the first place. He is the Father of Jesus Christ. Don't give me that baloney that everyone has a right to live in this country and bring in all their false gods. That includes the so-called Christians. Without the Holy Spirit, the Bible is just one more good book to read and is worthless as far as one saving one's soul and being delivered from hell. Let us not point fingers at the likes of John Walker when the same evil dwells in our own hearts. Have you been shown your own evil till you cry out with anguish, "Lord, deliver me from evil"? Have you prayed the "Lord's Prayer" as a rote prayer or has the Holy Spirit so convicted you that you will either die or be delivered?

    America is only a light to the nations as you, as an individual, are a light to the nations. America is made up of you and me, my dear friends. Pretty frightening isn't it. Particularly as we are called to be the salt of the earth, a city set on a hill, and all we do is flex our muscles and bully the nations into submission. We pray, "Lord let your will be done", and then go about doing our own will. We pray "thy kingdom come", and then go about building our own kingdom. If I were to ask you how many believe the Kingdom of Heaven is right here and now and people are entering into it would you believe it??? You are living in America which was founded by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob , the same God who sent Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to change us into a new creation that can receive the Kingdom of God. Do you know that unless you change into a new creation, if God were to place you in heaven, you would think it was hell???

    I can hear some of you saying, "I do not believe this message". That my dear friend, does not make it not true. And the "year of the bully, 2002 " should be a soul searching year for all of us. I would like to close by asking a few more questions.

    What is your vision for America??? Are you aware that 100 percent of the politicians would be tried for treason if they were living and doing what they are doing as our servants at the time of America's inception??

    What vision do you have for your soul?? Trust me when I tell you your Pastor has no true vision for your soul or the soul of America. Each of us is being forced to be responsible for our own body, soul and spirit - our actions and our words.

    Now to all of you who are hurting, who are hungry, who are weary - let me let you know that the pathway to freedom is a pathway of thorns and tears, and after the painful, dark night, you will say as all who have been through the valley of death, "what has happened to me in that valley was well worth the pain and suffering for it changed me from a bully and a brat into a peaceful, God-loving creation." He is making us bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh through much pain and suffering. I cannot identify with the lovers of the world and the self-confidence, the arrogance and the success of the world, but to you who are suffering, you I can relate to and feel a kinship to. And so till we meet again, may the Heavenly Creator create in all of us a new heart and a right spirit.

    Yours in truth,

    Marie and all the Piecemakers