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    January 2002, 2nd Letter

    God is Softening Our Stony Hearts

    My dear email Friends, The first message I wrote was from God who cares for each of us and our country. This is from me, who also cares for you and our country.

    Spring has come to southern California. All the buds are on the trees - the flowering pear and others so beautiful, but I do not know their names. Shame on me! The birds are outdoing one another. I guess the prettier they sing the more attractive they become to their mates.

    At Piecemakers we are busy re-doing the store. Not that we haven't been re-doing it for years, but this time we will have a forest of evergreen trees bedecked with all sorts of ornaments....bears, birds, dolls, angels, etc. How dear each one is whom God brings through our doors - kinfolk more precious than gold, silver or any such thing.

    Our new calendar is being printed even as I write. We've really captured the nostalgia of an era passing away, as the theme is barns. What a practical unique building! Far surpasses, in my estimation, the grand cathedrals of Europe. Any wonder Christ was born in a manger amongst the peace and warmth of cows settling down for the night. And we have begun our 2004 calendar with a "Home Sweet Home" theme.

    Look for our unique hand blown glass from Poland, Germany and other European countries. We will have storytelling time about this most fascinating art form.

    God is moving across our country in a most awesome way, softening our stony hearts - hardening our hurt feelings (outer shell) and removing the generation gap. The only barriers still remaining are among the churches. Man is attempting to remove these by voiding the cross and its conviction, but only the Holy Spirit can pierce our self life and remove all "I'm better than you" attitudes. We here at Piecemakers are being humbled daily and the freshness and unity cannot be put into words.

    God's blessing to you all as we journey through 2002.

    With deepest respect,