[Government Run Amock]


    February 2003

    Truth's Alarm is Ringing

    Dear email friends,

    February 1, 2003, the world witnessed yet one more warning from God as we saw Columbia blow up in smoke and debris. God is telling America to humble ourselves lest His judgements get ever more severe. When the Challenger fell, God warned us that no one challenges God. The Earth was made for man, not some other planet. The first man was made from the dust of the earth, not the dust from some other planet. The kingdom of God will be established on the Earth, not on some other planet or outer space. Greedy man is not satisfied with what God has given us. He is forever seeking for more to satisfy his greedy soul. Our government spends billions of dollars ever tempting God and boasting about our advanced technologies, our superiority and, fools that we are, the greater percent of America thinks the same as our bully government.

    I wonder if Bush would be so brave if we had no Army, no Navy - and no missiles. Would he still be flexing his muscles bullying and terrorizing the world?? I think not.

    There are many great frontiers left to explore on this earth of ours and Jesus told us in simple words that the greatest of these was, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all else will added onto you". Let us be an example to the world, seeking that frontier, and leave the outer space exploring to science fiction writers.