[Government Run Amock]


    June 2003

    The Die is Cast for America

    Hello email friends,

    At my age perhaps I see things a little differently than I did 50 years ago. Or, perhaps America has so changed that today is drastically different than the forties and fifties.

    The only thing man learns from history is that we repeat the same mistakes meant to teach us what not to do.

    Let me describe America today and you may agree with what I just said...

    With Bush's new Home Security Act our government is now doing exactly what made our ancestors rebel against England's rule. If you haven't seen "In the Name of the Father" movie, I suggest you do so. (The die is cast --- America's impending doom). We are doing exactly what history should have taught us what not to do.

    America's promiscuousness has reached such a degree of depravity the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah would bow their heads in shame at our flaunting our perversion. Does the warning of aids, God's judgement or any other potential repercussion stop the direction our freedom of sex has taken us? What a snare our "freedom" without the cross begets us.

    The destruction of the Tower of Babel because of empire and kingdom building is being repeated not only by our government but by the church. History records that God destroys the system when men are doing evil continually in the imagination of their heart. God said, "I repent that I have made man", and it grieved Him at His heart. Do you not realize how we are grieving God? The die is cast for America. We are about to be destroyed. The good new is this. The destruction is the destruction of prisons we have built by our going our own way without God. Has America anything redeemable? Or have we frittered away our inheritance on body idolatry, sexual depravity, greed for money, self glorification?

    Our destiny is about to be revealed. How much have you contributed to our demise or our redemption?