[Government Run Amock]


    October 2003

    Judgment Day - A Call to Repentance

    Dear email friends,

    Greetings from crazy, southern California, the moonshine state. Don't laugh - you will be next, for as California goes so goes the nation, and as our nation goes, so goes the world. The system is so gross, so contaminated, that only those who are too arrogant to perceive what is happening truly fulfill the scripture that says, "They eat, drink and make merry not discerning the signs of the times," thinking everything will go on as usual. "Let the good times roll."

    Do you know the headline in the Orange County Register was "judgment day"??? Jesus foresaw the happenings of the present day and He proclaimed that the stones would cry out the truth before the so called "people of God".

    The last people who will humble themselves are the ones who are called by His name (the Christians) for they are praying for something that will never happen, preaching a gospel that leaves the dead in the cemetery, building empires they call churches, reading and studying the scripture, ever learning and not coming into the reality of the truth. Is it any wonder our country has turned into an empire with a dictator at the head who declares war with no one's consent??? Calls evil good and good evil, who does evil, calling it "helping". Oh wretched country that we have become. Our only hope is God who may change His mind from destroying us as we have destroyed Iraq under the guise of helping them.

    Anyone arrogant enough to run for office is not humble enough to run our great nation. God himself has His finger down His throat and is about to vomit out our old nation and bring forth that which He started with a handful of brave people who loved righteousness more than they loved their own life. Just as China came to an end with the invasion of Japan and communism, just as communism came to an end in Russia, so will democracy come to an end and unless we as a nation repent, our destruction could be worse than that of Iraq.

    Well, I wonder how many of our readers I have just lost. We Americans are deaf, dumb and blind - much like Germany was, sound asleep, looking for a savior and settled for Hitler - anyone to "rule over them" and do their thinking for them.

    The above message is one of rejoicing, for it is truth and life and we, above all people have the rays of God's mercy, and peace shining brightly in the hearts of those who love Him more than country, family, or indeed, their own life.

    We, here at Piecemakers, are keeping the home fires burning in our hearts and the love of God is being shed abroad from our hearts to all who will receive the message and the messenger.

    God's peace, joy and grace to you all as we come to the end of one helluva year. May 2004 be one of the destruction of all our phony comforters as the real Comforter, the Holy Spirit, takes over our country, our homes, our jobs, our lives.




    Responses from our Email Friends

    Well Marie, you did not lose me. From Canada with faith, Gisele

    Dear Marie, I so look forward to your email newsletters. You won't be losing THIS reader, because everything you said was right on the money. Thank you and keep up the good work. Carolyn

    I really am frightened for this country and the type of society it is becoming--and this last election, I think, was one of the most degrading that I ever hope to see. It sunk to unbelieveable levels--and that is both parties. it is not the exclusive use for one of them. Thank you for the letter. I am going to print it out and keep it.
    After reading your message I got this poem in my inbox and had to share with you because it is so similiar to the message you were saying. I value your messages highly! I also thank you for writing them. Until next time you send a message.Emily
    There'll Come a Time!
    by Hans Fiehler
    Mankind's ice age had enclosed us,
    Death and winter all around;
    Since the cold, mass-murder's ravage,
    Bitter, frozen hearts abound,
    Greedy wolfpacks, grim and savage,
    Slinking o'er the frozen ground.
    Yet within this vale of sorrow,
    As when snowdrops softly chime,
    Thinkling tidings of tomorrow,
    Fairy-like: "There'll come a time!"
    Tiny bells ring in the morrow:
    Oh, rejoice! There’ll come a time!
    Come, thou Day when from the shadows
    Shall arise a new mankind,
    Morning of a thousand rainbows,
    Men at one in heart and mind,
    When the rushing, mighty wind blows
    Whitsuntide of all mankind!
    May God bless you Piecemakers in California. You truly have to keep your eyes upward and your hearts filled with His Word to fight off all the negative happenings in your state. May His love keep you firm in your faith in the Lord.
    Thank you for your email, Kay.