[Government Run Amock]


    November 1, 2003

    What to Do in Case a Famine Strikes America!

    Seeing how "Vengeance belongs to God", and we have decided to take it into our own hands, expect God's vengeance to come upon America to bring us to our senses. And it may come in the form of a famine.

    We, as a nation, somehow think we are infallible. All other countries can suffer losses of all kinds, but "God bless America - Land that I love".

    Most cities have enough parks to plant as gardens to feed its population. Plant wisely! Pumpkins and squash will keep for months in a cool place. Root vegetables will keep months in sand in a cool place.

    The pumpkin/squash family is perhaps the most versatile of veggies. This morning I had a white pumpkin I had baked whole the day before. Baking makes it easy to cut and scoop out the seeds. The pulp I put in the blender along with some mildly pickled beets I had from the dinner served the night before.

    Adding chicken broth makes pureeing easy. Then I added to this beautiful soup of blended pumpkin and beets some leftover crab dip made with cream cheese, Worcestershire sauce and lemon juice. Now I have a bisque fit to serve to any soup lover.

    Let us be frugal in the midst of our plenty. Frugality is not miserly! Frugality is the fruit of common sense. Being miserly is the deeds of greediness and covetry.

    All for now. God bless you all as America continues to groan as she re-invents herself.