[Government Run Amock]


    December 2003

    Sadaam "Found"

    Dear E-Mail Friends,

    Just a cheery note to let you all know the human race is on a journey and everything is just as our Creator ordained it to be.

    Only a half baked, paranoid, Godless country could believe the fairy tale, "Finding Saddam."

    Whoever is writing the script left out some details. Who fed our villain those many months? What hole did he hide in small enough to go undetected? Which of the 10 look-alikes is playing hero?

    Saddam is no doubt in one of the many countries on the "I hate America" list basking in the sun.

    From Piecemakers to all of you 2004 may be the year of the dragon - the year when all masks our removed and we see our Creator face to face and we once again become a light set on a hill.