[Government Run Amock]


    March 2002

    Doing the Right Thing Does not Require Thanks

    Hello Email Friends,

    Well, life is going on as usual here in windy California - but not really. Life will never be the same for America or for the world. The terrific towers tragedy was like a huge crater falling into the ocean and the shock waves will resound forever leaving nothing the same. Only God himself can cause such a happening, like when the tower of Babel fell and everyone was speaking in a different language. Did you notice the variety of languages being spoken at the tragedy? Or did it remind you of the fleeing from Sodom and Gomorrah? We, here at Piecemakers were not shocked at what happened since we, some years ago, made a commitment to Christ as our eyes were opened to see the hopelessness of trying to make something work that has had its day.

    I, for one am sick of the flag flying car aerials, the red, white and blue jock straps and all the other fake patriotic B.S. Their patriotism is to a sick country - a country with a government more tyrannical than most of the other countries of the world - a country that has used its God-given authority to bully the citizens of our country and other countries. Perhaps another country will have more balls than we have and stand up against the bullying aggression we have shown. Totally unlike our Saviour who started this country with men of bravery, humility, sweat and tears and also hard work - a four letter word to any government worker.

    The firefighters who are getting so much honor and glory in New York did no more than any human being would do in a crisis and not get paid for it. All I saw on the documentary was the firefighters saving themselves and the unsung heroes without a name helping one another. We have become such a bunch of hero hungry idiots that we make a hero out of anyone that does anything that is the normal act of helping those in need. These men were doing what they are paid to do. The little lady that fought off two big dogs to protect her dog and the men who fought to help her were doing what comes naturally for most people - without any pay, without any government making you feel that you did your job well. We help people in need. We sacrifice our life for others. Anyone paid to do so will do exactly what the firefighters or any government worker will do - make you think that they are the big helpers when it is the little nobodies that helped one another and also the little nobodies whose hard work made this country great.

    Now let me tell you that many of you have already gotten the test of whether you are really a patriot or not. Did you make a stand against the tyranny in our country when push came to shove? Are you willing to sacrifice your life, your job, your family, your all for what is the right thing to do?? Or do you not know right from wrong? I am just asking. Our forefathers planted a seed that has come to the time of its fruition and we are going to need brave men and women who will sacrifice all, if need be, to get rid of the diabolical monster over our country called democracy - a wolf in sheep's clothing. Our churches have become as phoney and useless as our government. Now we - you and I - make up the churches and the government. It is time to choose. Choose ye this day who you will serve... will we be on the Lord's side when God blows the whistle and says, "Time is no more; I will shake all that is not of Me so only My kingdom remains, saith the Lord"? As for me and my house (Piecemakers) we will serve the Lord. God bless all of you as the sword of the Spirit opens you eyes and cleanses each of us from our iniquity.