[Government Run Amock]


    March 2002 Addendum

    Explanation of OC Health Dept. Suit Against Us

    Dear Email Friends,
      Many of our email list have asked us to keep them updated on the continuing battle with the Orange County Health Department, so below is the update we published in the new class schedule.

    Piecemakers is being sued by two Orange County government employees. For twenty years the city and county government have made every attempt to close our business. When we tried to uphold our rights as a citizen of America - the home of the free - we found them immune to any attempt we made legally to stop their terrorizing the people. Now they are attempting to take away not only our business, but  our freedom of speech.

    Who needs the likes of bin Laden when we have in our government inspectors, code enforcers and other self appointed officers terrorizing the working class?
    Piecemakers spent $3000 to run an ad (shown below) in the Los Angeles Times, November 29, 2000, to purposely smoke out Bruce Freeman and Karen Newe (two OCHCA inspectors who have been terrorizing the working class of Orange County) from under the cover of a corrupt government.

    We also intended that all the restaurant owners who have been terrorized by Freeman and Newe know that their fears and worries are being heard by God and God is smoking out all evil doers so they stand naked before Him.
    Plaintiffs Newe and Freeman claim that Piecemakers defamed them with this ad. Let it be known that Plaintiffs' reputations were already defamed by their own actions. Ask any restaurant owner they inspected, if they be not afraid of retribution, to tell how they feel toward Plaintiffs.

    Freeman claims to not enjoy his job since the advertisement. Can you imagine having a job as a terrorist and enjoying it? The reason he is no longer enjoying it is because his big bully ego has been deflated. Freeman states that he became panicked because, "based on what he understood of Piecemakers' history", his family was in danger because he had filed a lawsuit. Now - get this - he  directed his wife to:    
            (1) screen her calls
        (2) watch for strangers in front of the house
       (3) be conscious of who may be following her when she is driving, and
       (4) not let the children play in front of the house unsupervised.

    Is this paranoia or what? Considering that we have no idea where he lives or what his phone number is, nor do we care. However, he comes on our property armed with a police officer, a pad to write our fines on and a head full of asinine codes - coming as a racketeer in the guise of doing his job and doing America a favor.

    It is easy to contend with a racketeer who comes in the name of a racketeer but quite another matter when he comes armed with bullets of codes and the power of the law. Webster defines racketeer as one who unlawfully interferes with business.

    Newe claims she has many sleepless nights. If I did what she took pleasure in doing to others I would have sleepless nights, also. She thought nothing of terrorizing people by shutting down their business - by making it so impossible to live up to her threats and codes. Many have committed suicide or thrown up their hands in despair and closed their business, or gone to another state or country. Her arrogance and resentment she showed toward the hard-working class of America is now transferred to her family as she says in her complaint.

    Plaintiffs Freeman and Newe demand $10,000 each for their having the pleasure of terrorizing their victim. We have, as of today, dismissed our insurance company who wanted to settle the case.  It will be a cold day in hell before Piecemakers pays these two for their pleasure in terrorizing God's people. We must be willing to lose everything to gain the freedom offered us in our Constitution.

    It is a sad day in America when evil seems to triumph and the majority of people are floating down the river of evil to our own destruction.
    With the help of God we will be instrumental in removing the terror from our own country first, as an example to other countries.

      The text of the L.A. Times ad was:

    "We thought we were most Americans. But others, dangerous strangers, people alien to our sense of ourselves, have home grown in our midst. They have usurped us in our own country. They are Americans by birth, but they might as well be Martian reptiles for all the moral kinship they have with us." (quoted from) Tony Blankley, "The Washington Times"

    Lest we root out of our midst the appendages sapping our economic lifeblood, our economic system, already perilous, will disintegrate. The "Orange Health Care Agency" is one such appendage.

    Would you like to operate your restaurant as you see fit, without the continual intrusion of all the self appointed government agencies? If we continue to whine to government officials instead of carrying our complaints to the offender, soon the complainers will have no restaurants to complain about. It is time for the American people to grow up. Let us start to free our restaurant owners from the "Martian reptiles" known as the "Orange County Health Care Agency". To be added to our petition send your name, address and phone number to: Piecemakers Country Store, 1720 Adams Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA, 92626.


    Marie and all the Piecemakers