[Government Run Amock]


    June 2004

    Homeland "Insecurity"

    Hello, dear e-mail friends,

    Isn't it rather odd that the more Homeland Security we get from our government the less secure I feel? The tighter the Patriot Act the less patriotic I am?

    Do you find it rather offensive that our head chaplain for our country would rather quote T.S. Eliot than the Bible? Far be it from any of our white collared workers (chaplains) to mention Jesus Christ, the founder of our country.

    Isn't it odd that thousands upon thousands will bow down to an image and get emotional about a 93 year old icon who lost his mind ten years ago? Pray the book of Daniel finally comes to pass and all imagery crumbles like a cookie that is too stale to eat and too moldy to keep for appearance sake, thus removing all masks - everything done in secret shouted from the housetops and the most awesome of commandments comes to pass, "Thou shalt not make of yourselves any graven images."