[Government Run Amock]


    June 17, 2004

    Truth is an Alarm Clock

    Hello, dear e-mail friends,

    Wow! Truth is an alarm clock. I was wondering when the avalanche of hate mail would come in response to my emails. Finally it happened!

    The last e-mail was such simple, gentle truth but it awakened many. Nobody likes to be awakened, yet our Lord says, "Awake unto righteousness or truth." Watch as we see the crumbling of our nation. Then we will see the real America, full of truth and justice, the home of the real people. Shame on us who love the lie yet call ourselves Christians.

    Many "Amen" emails came in. Stephanie, a single mom taking care of her daughter for 38 years with little money is much more of a hero to me than all the wealthy glory seekers this evil world can muster up.

    God is watching. He is testing the core of America to see, if indeed, we are a Christian nation or will He perhaps put His stamp of approval on the lowly country of Iraq? This little country could bring all the nations to their knees.

    Stay tuned - truth weeds out the real from the unreal. Pray God give you a spirit of truth to discern what is the lie and what is truth.