[Government Run Amock]


    June 30, 2004

    $10 Million of Taxpayers' Money for Reagan Funeral

    Dear e-mail friends,

    See Spot run. Jane loves Spot. Dick hates Jane...

    If you are looking for Dick and Jane chatter, please tune into some other channel.

    Surprising how many wanted off our E-mail because of my discourse on the Reagan fiasco. Please note, Ronnie's funeral cost the taxpayers over $10 million. If Nancy and Ronnie were sincere about cell (whatever) why not use that money for research? And my dear friends, "might and power Bush" already has his million dollar plus funeral planned!

    Why not cremate the whole bunch like the rest of us? Thank God our Creator is not a respecter of persons and each one is created with the same equality. With our country's hero worship, we make the countries with kings and queens look rather humble.

    Tune in next time for more "wake up" news.