[Government Run Amock]


    August 2004

    Comparing America's Civil War to the Iraqi War

    Dear e-mail friends,

    By now we all know that the slaves were not freed in the Civil War anymore than the Iraqis are being freed today.

    Thousands lost their lives in 1865 because of political greed and power, just as we are experiencing today. We never learn from history.

    Does not the "we were just having fun" quote of the day by one of the Iraqi abusers sound like the fun the white people had dragging a black person behind their car, the lynching, etc.???

    In the sixties, one hundred years after the Civil War there arose some mighty brave black people whose cry "give me liberty or give me death," followed by their actions, was heard by God and by man and the black people began to get unenslaved from unscrupulous, greedy, Christian white people.

    Let us go back to the time of the civil war. The south was very "Christian" and were sure they could go on with their evil deeds and go to church on Sunday, and God would "forgive" them. Does that sound like today??? We assume God is on our side, too arrogant to think that we should be on God's side. If God were with us I'd bet my life we would not be dropping bombs on a country who has done nothing to us. If an eye for an eye is the way of life for America, we should then expect a bomb to fall on us just as we have done to others - not because of Al-Qaida or the Iranians, but by the very principle by which we live.

    What was Lincoln's motive in allowing a war that unleashed the beast in the hearts of man? What would have happened if we had a northern and southern America right here in this misnomered "united states"??? Would we have a less powerful federal government??? Lincoln was out to save the power over the states and keep the country under one evil head. Slavery was not the issue with him. He knew if the government became divided it would lose its power. What is the motive behind Bush unleashing the very pits of hell over the world??

    As America sleeps and an evil, powerful spirit continues to rob us of our life blood, I wonder how long before we awaken and find out too late that the bondage of the Iraqi people was perhaps less than our own bondage. I am not an idealist. I am a realist. Will we in our dark hour cry out to the only One who can save our country - "God, help us turn from our wicked ways, give us liberty or give us death"? Then God will hear us as He will hear any country that calls out to Him, and who are all willing to turn from their wicked ways.

    It is written.