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    September 2004

    Concerning the State's Tampering with Our Elevator

    Dear e-mail friends,

    Below is a letter in response to the latest in a long line of State and County terrorist attacks.

    To the taxpayer's employees of the State of California - superfluous employees of the:
      Department of Industrial Relations
      Division of Occupational Safety and Health
      Elevator, Ride, and Tramway Unit
    All of which are superfluous fat that should be cut off like a bad case of hemorrhoids - Greetings,

    This letter is in reference to one of your inspectors tampering with our elevator - coming in unannounced - disobeying our Constitutional rights posted on our front door - making our elevator inoperable.

    His reason for this terrorist attack on our business is "we do not have a telephone in our elevator". The truth is we have an alarm for anyone to use if needed in our little two story building. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has at least one cell phone tied to their ear and typical of our "easy come, easy go" spending government, we are to have a telephone also for which we pay a monthly fee for something not needed or used.

    We have paid this unneeded part of our government $2.585.80 over the past two years. I will do all in my power to have this money go toward keeping Piecemakers in business. You leeches are sucking the life blood out of our economy.

    I am forwarding this letter to Governor Schwartzenegger in hopes that we who work to keep food on your table are freed from unnecessary harassment from our government.

    I suggest you come and fix our elevator and refrain from tormenting us any further.

    Your employer,



    Below is a follow-up to the "inspector in charge".

    Greetings Stephen,

    After spending my valuable time researching, I find your own law states we need no phone in elevator. Unless you are sick of your job you had better get our elevator in working condition or you will be unemployed.

    If I do not hear from you I am contacting "The Register" and giving them a story on how the state demands "handicap parking" and then for no apparent reason shuts down an elevator used by handicapped. We - the working class - have enough to deal with just to stay alive without having to ward off you bullies who have no sense and presume to have all the authority. God loves to destroy the Goliaths of a country.

    His servant,



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