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    November 2004

    A Prison of Laws Built Around Us

    Dear e-mail friends,

    Question: What is the name of a pseudo-business whose employees recently took it upon themselves to give themselves a hefty raise in salary without the consent of the employer??

    Answer: Costa Mesa City "servants".

    Question: What is the name of an organization where the employees who do no work to make the organization thrive get a higher salary than the employers whose know-how, hard work and commitment keep the organization running??

    Answer: Costa Mesa city "servants".

    Question: What government makes its subjects get permission to start a business, considering that the one starting the business saved money, spent sleepless nights planning, worked hard to make the business thrive and then if successful, pays part of his earnings to said government? To add to this fiasco, said government marches in unannounced telling its subjects how to run the business he had no part in the hardship of starting.

    Answer: I will give you a hint. It starts with "D". No, it is not dictatorship. It is good old "you better become what I am or I will shoot your balls off democracy."

    Question: What government taxes you if you improve your property and fines you if you do not?

    Answer: Orange County - Costa Mesa City government.

    Question: What government charges you a fee to get a permit before you can do the work your customers give you to do?

    Answer: Good old "land of the free democracy".

    Question: What state treats all its citizens as criminals charging them to drive their car and taking their finger prints and a criminal photo and a test, made up by some imbecile egghead, that has no worth as far as driving a car??

    Answer: The Golden State, of course.

    I could go on and on describing the prison we have built around ourselves. Believe me when I tell you the laws and Gestapo tendencies will get worse until the people call out to God for help. Is America awakening too late? Or are we on the verge of a big reality check where each of us will have to answer to an awesome, Holy God for our actions? The signs of the times all point to a wave of judgment and toppling of all man made governments, and greed, bullying, and power hungry man being brought to nought.

    Seek the Lord while He yet may be found for when He comes as the judge He is not a respecter of persons and is righteous in His judgments and will not be manipulated. Ignorance will not be an excuse. Are you awake enough to see that the country which is the big terrorist bully is the one feigning a merciful deliverer?? Or do you see what evil America is doing and too afraid or proud to admit it??? We have become the most evil of dictatorships, so let all of us humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God so His mercy might fall as a gentle rain from heaven. Let us share one another's burdens as we see a civilization as we knew it come to an end.



    P.S. Do not be surprised if we see Bush, Rumsfeld and other top USA execs go the way of Mussolini for breaking international law and committing unheard of atrocities. Do not be surprised if before two decades pass, all state boundaries are removed and we become one nation under God.


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