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    July 2005

    Holy Days vs. Holidays

    Dear e-mail friends,

    In response to Tibor Machan's editorial in the Orange Country Register, "Do We Deserve This Holiday?"

    Presuming that the word "holiday" means Holy Day... pray tell me why the 4th of July is a holiday and why is it called Independence Day? It's like the Muslims celebrating Christmas or even more disgusting, Christians celebrating Christmas when there is no Christ in their life.

    Independence means we are free of taxation without representation. It means we all have a right to own property without government interference. It means government has no right to your person or property. None of these are true in this phoney, deceitful country.

    Spare me from telling me to leave this country. You who love government dictatorship please leave and go to a country where this type of control is normal. The very blood of our forefathers is in the ground of our country crying out for freedom.

    All we need to complete our bondage is the Christian Coalition forcing all of us to become Christians.


    Marie Kolasinski


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