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    October 2005

    Piecemakers' Beginnings

    Dear Email Friends,

    The year was 1979. The decade of the sixties had left broken homes, broken hearts and empty pocketbooks. What a perfect time to sit back and ask, "Now what do I do, Lord?"

    Hundreds of people were led (no, compelled) to start creating something - dolls, bears, birdhouses, jewelry of all kinds and jams and jellies. Like a field of grassroots beginning to sprout, a revival of homemade articles hit America. The industrial age was old and worn thin as homemade quilts began replacing manufactured ones. The Van Goghs and Millets prints were replaced by homemade wallhangings. A resurgence of one-of-a-kind gifts and furniture with that personal touch was moving across America. Single moms found a new way of making a living as they became entrepreneurs bringing to the market place the beautiful creations from their latent talents now springing forth.

    Piecemakers is the home of these pioneers who have gathered together their talents and crafts and more importantly, have become a family working together to keep new creations fresh and alive.

    Tour buses from all parts of the world, all walks of life, find solace and comfort as the curtain of time is drawn aside and old things do, indeed, become new each day at Piecemakers.

    Now we are in the year 2005. We have had the pleasure of benefiting from the talents birthed in the 70's and bearing 2005 fruit. November 2nd through November 7th, Nikki Tervo from Australia will be sharing her talents with a huge trunk show of unique one-of-a-kind buttons and stitchery.

    Meet and eat with us as the thread of creativity joins past and present with this extraordinary woman doing her extraordinary trunk show.


    Marie Kolasinski


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