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    December 2005

    A Proclamation

    Dear Email Friends,

    My days on earth are numbered but America will live on. Your days on earth are numbered but what you do here will affect the America of tomorrow.

    There are many gods, many religions; however, the true God is the One who created you and me, the heaven and the earth, and all therein. He is the Father of you and me and Jesus Christ.

    Unless we as a people humble ourselves under His mighty hand and begin to serve one another, become united by humility rather than fear and lording our ways over one another, we will ultimately destroy not only ourselves but our country.

    We, as a nation, are called to be a city set on a hill; a light of mercy and peace as an example of the God who founded our nation. Instead we have become a nation bullying the world with our power and might. Our lawmakers bind the people with senseless laws rather than making laws that protect and guide the people.

    We, the Piecemakers, have chosen to obey God rather than man and will continue to do His will, not only for our conscience's sake, but for the good of our country - long may she live after we have left her, and with God's help may she become once more the example to the world that the God we profess to worship is indeed, a God of mercy, righteousness and peace toward all.


    Marie Kolasinski


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