[Government Run Amock]


    April 2006

    "What We Have Done to the Least of our Brethren
    We Have Done Unto Christ."

    Dear Email friends,

    What we have done to the least of our brethren we have done unto Christ. We are all (with our lording over one another) building a Guantanamo Bay prison around us. Our government is building a Guantanamo prison around our country.

    We will never become the "land of the free" without first becoming the "home of the brave".

    The Hispanics perhaps will free our nation of our terrorizing government who is sucking the life blood out of our working class. They are brave for they have already nothing left to lose. They see all the signs that led them to leave their homeland... the same as our ancestors who were willing to lose their lives to bring forth a free nation.

    America has lost her soul - her conscience is seared. We as a nation are sick from the top of our head to the tip of our toes.

    Taking life for granted, we are losing it.

    Either we, the citizens of America, lose our life by humbling ourselves until we have nothing else to lose, or we will see our life turn into hell on earth.

    The blessings God has given us have become a curse:
        * The machines doing our work have made us lazy.
        * The abundance of food and "things" have created an unappreciative, wasteful society.
        * Our words and our deeds are so unrelated we need a government with code books & and no common sense ruling over us.
        * We have become so void of conscience we call evil good and good evil and then pop anti-depressant pills to keep us operating from day to day.

    What we were once grateful for we now take for granted. We presume, expect, insist, and then are disappointed and depressed when what we insist on does not come to pass. Bi-polar, it is called.

    Either we allow God to make our life "not our own" as every Christian should do and then let God give our life back to us piece by piece with Him as Lord so we take nothing or nobody for granted, or He will wipe out our nation and we can go without even the necessities of life until we develop a grateful heart and will with sincerity utter, "Thank you, Lord, for the air we breath, for the precious animal world, for the earth providing the food for our tables and a healthy body that can willingly do a day's labor to earn our worth."

    Marie Kolasinski